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We attended and exhibited at the Tall Buildings lecture event in London on the 11th November 2010 and saw a very interesting presentation on "The story behind the Burj Khalifa" given by Angus McFarlane.

If you attended the event and didn't get to see us you can still request a free demonstration of our LUSAS bridge analysis software. Details are below.

Terry Cakebread,  LUSAS Regional Manager

Mr Ian Mason, LUSAS UK and Ireland Account Manager

Request a LUSAS demonstration / more information

If you are thinking about improving your existing bridge or structural analysis capabilities, or want to stay ahead of your competitors and improve your efficiency, why not request a free demonstration of LUSAS in your offices? - then you can see at first hand what LUSAS could do for you. 

  • If you are intending to upgrade or purchase analysis software within the next 3 months please click here to arrange a demonstration.

  • If you are not intending to purchase analysis software immediately but would like to remain on our mailing list in the future please click here

Best wishes

Terry Cakebread
LUSAS Vice President North America



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