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This was the tenth time LUSAS has attended the International Bridge Conference in Pittsburgh, and it appears to still be the major show in the USA for bridge engineers with many of the top consultants being represented. I found the opportunities for networking were still very good. If I got to see and speak with you I thank you for your time.

LUSAS whisky winner at IBC 2013

If you entered our free prize draw to win a bottle of Jura Malt Scotch Whisky I can tell you that the winning business card was kindly pulled out of the container for us by Lisa Bentley of Bridge Design and Engineering magazine (www.bridgeweb.com) and our congratulations and best wishes go to the lucky winner, Travis Butz of Burgess and Niple (www.burgessniple.com).

Terry Cakebread holds the prize draw container as Lisa Bentley of Bridge Design and Engineering magazine pulls-out the winning business card.

Terry Cakebread of LUSAS presents Travis Butz of Burgess and Niple with his prize.

Request a LUSAS demonstration / more information

If you are thinking about improving your existing bridge or structural analysis capabilities, or want to stay ahead of your competitors and improve your efficiency, why not request a free demonstration of LUSAS in your offices? - then you can see at first hand what LUSAS could do for you. 

  • If you are intending to upgrade or purchase analysis software within the next 3 months please click here to arrange a demonstration.

I look forward to seeing and meeting up with you again at a future event.

Best wishes

Terry Cakebread
LUSAS Vice President North America



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