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Installing SentinelLM on a licence server PC

You will need to check for current licencing software ("SentinelLM") on your network before attempting to install the licence server software. To do this run the program “Start > Programs > Lusas13.4 for Windows > Tools > License Server Locations” on any network PC. This program will search your network and give output similar to the following :-

SentinelLM 7.1.1 Search Tool For License Servers
Copyright (C) 2000 Rainbow Technologies, Inc.

SentinelLM server running on
                        Server Address : xx.xx.xx.xx
                        Server Name : LicenceServerNo1
                        Server Address : xx.xx.xx.xx
                        Server Name : LicenceServerNo2
                        Server Address : xx.xx.xx.xx
                        Server Name : LicenceServerNo3
Hit Enter to continue . . .

Where “LicenceServerNo3”, for example, will be the name of a licence server on your network. If no licence servers are found the following output will be given :-

SentinelLM 7.1.1 Search Tool For License Servers
Copyright (C) 2000 Rainbow Technologies, Inc.

Probably no servers running on this subnet.
Hit Enter to continue . . .

If running the “Licence Server Locations” tool shows that SentinelLM is already in use on the network (other software products may be using the same licencing system) it is recommended that you use the same license server for LUSAS as existing programs.  Where this is the case, there should be no need to reinstall the SentinelLM software and you should proceed to C below.  If you require the LUSAS license server to be a different licence server to those listed, continue with the installation of SentinelLM. Note that if the current licence server is an earlier version of SentinelLM (e.g. 6.20) and this is used for software other than LUSAS a different PC should be used as the LUSAS licence server. If the current licence server is used for LUSAS only check that the version in use is SentinelLM 7.1.1 or later. If an earlier version is found uninstall and install the SentinelLM on the installation CD.

If you get the message “… no servers running …“ then you will need to install the licencing software ("SentinelLM") on the PC that will act as a licence server.  This should be a PC connected to the same network as the client PCs.  The license server may also be a client PC if required.  The license server does not need to be the file server.

The installation is carried out following the 6 points below. Note that a user logged in with administrator access rights must undertake all of these points.

  1. You will need your installation disk in the CD-ROM drive of the licence server PC

  2. Find the directory on the release CD that contains the SentinelLM server software; usually D:\licence\server\setup

  3. Run (double-click) the file "setup.exe"

  4. After installation reboot the machine

  5. You will now need to activate the licence server.

Windows NT/2000/XP
This is done by going to the location of the installed licence software, normally “C:\Program Files\Rainbow Technologies\sentLM\server\”, and run the program “loadls.exe”. This program will allow you to add and remove the licence server for the current PC.  To activate the licence server click “Add”.

Windows 95/98
A Windows 95/98 license server can be configured to be started automatically when Windows 95/98 starts or to be started manually. To enable automatic license server startup, add the license server program, lserv9x.exe, to the Windows 95/98 system StartUp folder. You may use Windows Explorer to open this folder, select the lserv9x.exe shortcut, and display its properties. You can review and change license server command line parameters by changing the contents of the Target field on the Shortcut tab. To start the license server manually, you simply run lserv9x.exe. You can do this from a MS- DOS window or by double-clicking the lserv9x.exe entry in Windows Explorer.

For further information on this subject please read the “System Administrator’s Guide” pdf file (<CD ROM>:\License\admin.sta\win32SLM71sys.pdf)

  1. Check that the licence is activated by running the “License Server Locations” program, as described above, and the output should contain the name of the PC you have just install and activated the licence on.

It is necessary to install on the machine that is to be the server - not via an X-server or video emulator - and as administrator not as an individual with administrator rights

It may be necessary to remove old versions of the Sentinel LM software before the latest version can be successfully added.

Installing a network (floating) licence

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