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LUSAS User Group Meeting 

LUSAS for Structural and Bridge Applications Training Course

Dublin, Republic or Ireland, 18 and 19-20 May 2010

A total of 20 delegates attended the LUSAS Finland User Group Meeting and two-day LUSAS for Structural and Bridge Applications Training Course at the Camden Court Hotel, Dublin, Republic of Ireland on 18 and 19-20 May 2010.

LUSAS Republic of Ireland User Group Meeting - 18 May 2010 

At this one-day user group meeting, presentations were given on the latest facilities and key features in LUSAS version 14.4 and 14.5 that could be of use to Irish engineers for structural and bridge analysis in their design office or university.

Topics covered:

  • General New Features in LUSAS 14.4 and 14.5
  • Vehicle Load Optimisation including requirements for Eurocode
  • Eurocode implications for Steel Buckling analysis
  • Techniques for the analysis of Reinforced Concrete
  • Post-Tensioning and Time-Stage Techniques including new 14.4 tools
  • Eurocode Pedestrian Dynamics and Damper Systems
  • User Results Processing in LUSAS 14.4
  • CAD Import/Export and Solid Modelling/Meshing in LUSAS
  • Specific Ground Engineering facilities
  • Customisation of the LUSAS User Interface using dialogs / toolbars and basic scripting routines.

Presentation at the LUSAS Republic of Ireland User Group Meeting

LUSAS for Structural and Bridge Applications Training Course
19 and 20 May 2010  

This two-day course covered getting started with a brief overview of LUSAS and then proceeded to cover in detail the modelling and analysis options available for creating beam models, modelling flat slabs, composite construction, 3D shell modelling, before moving on to buckling analysis, soli structure interaction and staged construction modelling. 

Day 1: Structural and bridge application modelling 

Topics (with appropriate hands-on examples) covered:

  • Getting started with LUSAS: FE concepts, Model creation, analysis and results from linear static beam models including tapering, moving loads, temperature loads and support settlement
  • Flat slabs and 3D modelling: Grillages, plate models, mesh refinement
  • Soil structure interaction: Introduction, Modulus of subgrade reaction (Winkler springs), 2D continuum analyses, Introduction to advanced SSI facilities
  • 3D modelling considerations: Beam and slab structures, 3D modelling, Eigenvalue buckling
Day 2: Advanced structural and bridge application modelling 

Topics (with appropriate hands-on examples) covered:

  • Advanced analysis controls
  • Modelling considerations and 3D structures, Grillages, Pseudo-3D structures and full 3D structures.  Linear buckling analysis. Constraint equations and Nonlinear buckling also covered.
  • Staged construction modelling: Facilities available, Activation and deactivation, Introduction or removal of supports, Viscous (creep) time-dependent analysis.

Very favourable comments regarding the presentation and content of the course were received from delegates attending.


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