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LUSAS Training Course Online Booking Form

  • Use this online booking form to request a place on any training course listed.

  • This form can also be used to ask LUSAS to contact you to discuss other training course options.


1. Choose a training course

Training course


  • LUSAS for Structural and Bridge Applications training courses are provided for first time users of LUSAS, and those who wish to extend and improve their analysis knowledge and modelling capabilities for structural and bridge engineering applications.

  • LUSAS Nonlinear and LUSAS Dynamics training courses cater for all engineering disciplines. Delegates should ensure that they are familiar with linear static structural analysis using LUSAS prior to attending one of these courses.


2. Enter your contact information

Minimum required information for us to contact you

Your name
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3. Choose how to pay

How do you wish to pay for the course? (when applicable)

Please invoice me to the address stated for the amount shown (less any discounts*) plus any Value Added Tax that is applicable.
Please contact me. I wish to pay by credit card.
Please deduct an appropriate number of existing training credits.


4. Provide an invoicing or credit card billing address

Region / State
Post / Zip Code

Value Added Tax

Value Added Tax that is applicable at the time of booking will be added according to your personal/business status and location.

For bona fide businesses based outside the UK, VAT (currently rated at 20%) will not apply. EU-based businesses who have a VAT (or local equivalent) Registration Number must supply this. For delegates attending a UK-based course on an individual basis and not on behalf of an overseas business, UK VAT must be paid and this will be added to the stated course cost. LUSAS training courses held outside the UK are generally not subject to any additional tax but note that they may be incurred in addition.

* The invoice or payment amount will be less for full-time academics if any discounts are given subject to availability.

5. Enter any additional comments / requests here:

Submitting your booking

Cancellations: Cancellations following a booking to attend a scheduled training course that are received in writing 14 days prior to a training course taking place will be fully refunded. We regret that no refund can be given for cancellations after this time. However, if you are unable to attend, you may send a substitute delegate from within your organisation and should ideally notify us in advance of the course, giving the personís name. LUSAS reserves the right to reject bookings, and to cancel or re-schedule courses at any time. 

In submitting this booking form I confirm I have read the conditions regarding cancellation.


LUSAS Training Course Offline Booking  Form

Download a LUSAS Scheduled Training Course Booking FormAs an alternative to filling-in the on-line booking form, a LUSAS Scheduled Training Course Booking Form (with listings for LUSAS-run courses only) is available in PDF format for you to complete and fax to us to reserve your place.

Please note that when wishing to pay by credit card, credit card information should never be sent via a form, or in an email (as text or as part of an attachment), or by other unsecure on-line methods.

pdficonsmall.gif (947 bytes) Download a Scheduled Training Course Booking Form (2021) - not yet available.

Otherwise please use the on-line booking form below to reserve places on all courses...


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