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Software Downloads for Windows 10/11

Last updated : 22 July 2024

Use this page to download and access the latest and selected older releases of LUSAS, and for software used in conjunction with LUSAS software. 

Software available

LUSAS Version 21

Latest LUSAS Version 21 software release

  • When upgrading, all clients should install the 32-bit version of LUSAS. An offline and an online installation option is provided.
  • If you are currently using LUSAS version 20, your software licence should allow access to version 21.
  • An updated licence key is required to use the new Geotechnical software option. See Licence Keys below for details.
  • Network licence users of LUSAS may also need to update their Sentinel Licence Manager and LUSAS Network Licence Installer for this release.

LUSAS Version 21 Software Release

  Date made available   What's new?

LUSAS Version 21.1-0 (ISO file)

Download a single disk image file containing all installation components. Select for offline installation on one or more PCs.

  22 July 2024  

For this release:




LUSAS Version 21.1-0 (Web installer)

Download a small setup executable which allows you to choose those components that you wish to download and install. Select for online installation on a single PC.

  22 July 2024  

Sentinel License Manager 

Network licence users of LUSAS Version 21 require Sentinel License Manager Version 9.8.1 to be installed. If required, download the installer, unzip it and run setup.exe.

  5 February 2018  


LUSAS Network Licence installer

If not already installed, network licence users of LUSAS must install the LUSAS Network Licence Installer to add LUSAS Version 21 licence keys.

  4 June 2021    


  • 64-bit versions of a mesh-only LUSAS Modeller, LUSAS Solver and IMDPlus are installed by default. Please contact LUSAS technical support at for details.

General LUSAS software information

Notification and downloading of the latest release version of LUSAS

  • LUSAS 'Licence key', 'Technical' contact(s) and LUSAS users in your organisation, for whom we have an email address, are notified of the availability of each new LUSAS software release.

  • LUSAS recommends that the latest software version is installed and used as soon as it becomes available, but we appreciate that not all clients will want or necessarily need to upgrade its users with each new release. As such, we provide 'What's new?' links to allow clients to decide if it is immediately relevant to them.

  • LUSAS software is made available for download as a single ISO file, or as a web installer executable. 

  • A DVD can be requested by those who cannot or prefer not to download the software.

LUSAS licence keys

  • If you require a new network license key please contact prior to installing the software. If possible please state  the Name of your organisation and your LUSAS Key ID. If not known, the Key ID can be obtained from running your existing version of LUSAS and selecting Help > About LUSAS Modeller > Key Information.

Request a LUSAS Software DVD

  • If you wish to be sent a DVD instead of downloading this software please email stating the Name of your organisation and your LUSAS Client (KeyID) Number. If not known, this can be obtained from running LUSAS and selecting Help > About LUSAS Modeller > Key Information

LUSAS software releases and compatibility

  • 'Major' releases of the software (such as V21.0 and V20.0 etc) represent a substantial new release containing major new functionality, potential changes to model or data formats, and general error fixes.

  • 'Minor' 'Point' releases (such as V21.1 or V20.1 etc) are normally used when general new facilities and improvements are introduced. Point releases will also contain error fixes made to a previous software release, and may also contain changes to model or data formats.

  • 'Dash' releases (such as (V21.0-1 or V21.0-1) are (generally) used when only error fixes have been made to a previous 'Point' release.

  • LUSAS model and results data can only be read in a particular version when it was written by a version with the same or lower 'major' version, and also the same or lower 'point' release version.

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