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We offer a variety of customer support services, including training, engineering consultancy, "hotline" technical support, continuous software and documentation maintenance and a commitment to quality assurance. We send our clients our occasional email newsletter 'LUSAS e-News' to keep them informed of software and website updates, and of  forthcoming LUSAS-related events. For detailed technical support information clients can visit the password protected User Area.

  • About technical support - how you can obtain technical advice and assistance with your analyses
  • Licence key queries - online help if you are encountering trouble getting security keys to work.
  • Local Distributors and Resellers - how to obtain local support for your region
  • Videos - LUSAS videos / presentation sessions to show how selected modelling and analysis tasks are done
  • Training -  details of training courses available from our UK headquarters.
  • Consultancy - to help you get the most from your designs.
  • Testimonials - a selection of comments received from those using our LUSAS Technical Support service.
  • User area - many helpful articles, listings, LUSAS software downloads and links for users (password protected)
  • Distributors Area - general marketing information and downloads for distributors. (password protected

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