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Smart combinations: how to use them and what they do

The smart combination facility allows a user to select a number of loadcases from the available results, and associate two load factors with each: "permanent" and "variable" factors.  Using the menu item:

Utilities > Combination > Smart combination  OR  Bridge > Loading combinations

generates two load combinations in the TreeView (similar to the envelope facility). One is for maximum positive (Max) load effects, and one for maximum negative (Min) load effects. On the smart combination dialog box, there also exist two check boxes: "Loadcases to consider" and "Variable loadcases". These are intended for advanced users and activate functions which are applicable in a small number of international standards. They are not generally applicable for UK codes of practice, for example.  More about how "smart combinations" are calculated

The help articles on "smart combinations" have been greatly enhanced in LUSAS version 13.4-2 and can be found from the help menu:

Help topics > Modeller user manual > Processing the results > Combinations and envelopes

More about how "smart combinations" are calculated

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