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Why can’t I visualise my loading or supports?

  • Is the attribute layer switched on? When selecting the attributes required for visualisation, make sure that the minimum arrow length is non-zero (enter the "settings…" form)
  • The load type is not supported by the element. See the details for the element type that is not displaying the loading in the Element Reference Manual. For each element there is a section describing all the loading types available for that element
  • The load case that the load type is assigned to is not currently active. Go to the load case treeview, right click on the appropriate load case and select "set active"
  • The load is assigned to features for which there is no assigned mesh. A mesh must be present in order to visualise loading and support attributes
  • The load is assigned to points that are not part of any line feature definitions - i.e. that are not connected to any other features. The only exception to this is discrete loading
  • Support attributes will not be shown for combination loadcases in a results file

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