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File management

In order to get the best performance from your PC while maintaining adequate backups for your work, we would recommend that LUSAS users adhere to the following rules:

  1. Work on a LOCAL drive while creating and analysing your model, using a network drive only to store backups.

  2. Work in a folder which has no size restrictions and is available to all users as read/ write access (i.e. do not use personal profile areas or administrator-only folders) 

  3. Save the model regularly and particularly after making significant changes to geometry or mesh.  There is also an "Auto backup" facility which keeps backups of the last two saved copies of the model by default in the ...\Associated Model Data\MODELNAME\Backup folder in your working directory.  Settings for changing the number of backups kept, or to additionally save a further backup to a network location as well are available via File>Model Properties>Backup tab.

  4. Working on LUSAS models which are stored on a network drive is NOT recommended.  Modelling and solving over a network connection is in general slower, more susceptible to writing errors, and there may be a disk space limit on your network folder (imposed by an administrator) which can lead to difficulties storing or solving models.

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