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How do I load results files on top of a model?

Results files (.mys) that have the default name format <model name>~<analysis name>.mys that are stored in the default location for results associated with the model (from the current working directory, in the "...\Associated Model Data\<model name>" folder) can be opened on top of a model in Modeller by going to:

File > Open Available Results Files . . .

Results files that do not have the default name (due to manual editing of the Datafile for example), or that are not stored in the default location can be opened on top of your model in Modeller as follows:

  1. Go to File > Manage Results Files . . .
  2. Un-tick "Let LUSAS manage results files (recommended)"
  3. Click Add File"
  4. Change the Analysis for the new results file to open as appropriate
  5. Click the button to browse for the results file *.mys and click OK
  6. Tick the Open checkbox to open the results now and then click "OK"

The locations of the results files are now manually set using the full path to the results file. If the model is to be moved to a different location on the PC or network, then the paths to the results files will need to be edited as well. If the model is later changed and solved again, then it may be best to tick the "Let LUSAS manage results files (recommended)" option again before solving, and repeat the process above if and when there are any further results files subsequently created outside Modeller with different file names or stored in a different location to those generated by Modeller in the normal way.

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