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Typical warning message from LUSAS Solver text output file (*.OUT):


Most common causes & links to solutions 

This message is warning the user that there are loads assigned to features on loadcases where those features are also deactivated. Load cannot be applied to deactivated mesh (except for prescribed displacements) and so this warning is produced in case the load was assigned in error. For further information see:

Help > Help Topics > Contents > Solver Reference Manual > Chapter 3 LUSAS Data Input > Activate/Deactivate Elements > Notes 

The "Preserve loading" setting in Modeller  (Option 385 in data file) can be used to override this behaviour and allow the loads assigned to deactivated elements to be applied automatically in the loadcase where the elements are later activated. This can be set via:

File > Model Properties > Solution > Element Options > (check) Preserve loading whilst elements deactivated

When this option is turned on all loads must be defined and assigned in the first loadcase only and this will then automatically be applied on the first loadcase that the elements are activated in.


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