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How can I speed up LUSAS Modeller?

There are several reasons why you may encounter speed problems associated with Modeller, or describe Modeller as "running slowly"; these are listed with suitable solutions or suggestions below:

Network connections may cause Modeller to wait unnecessarily

  1. Always work with the model saved on a local drive (e.g. C:\) 

Modelling issues may cause Modeller to appear slow

  1. Eliminate modelling problems which trigger warnings in the text output pane

  2. Check mesh refinement (reduce number of elements or interpolation order if appropriate)

Viewing results is slow

  1. Freeze redraws while you manipulate the display

  2. Delete unwanted layers from the TreeView to reduce recalculation

  3. Produce graphical output automatically (perhaps overnight)

PC hard drive may be getting full or temporary files clash with virtual memory

  1. Clear temporary files

  2. Relocate or expand PC virtual memory

  3. Relocate LUSAS temporary files

  4. Relocate Windows temporary files

PC hardware is inadequate for the size of problem 

  1. Upgrade PC hardware  

More on how LUSAS uses PC resources

Tips for Working with Large Models

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