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Free Seminar

Recommendations for Finite Element Analysis of Bridges

Date: 13 November 2012 at 3pm

Venue: Graduate House, 220 Leicester Street, Carlton, Melbourne

Last updated: 07 March 2017

LUSAS is pleased to announce that a free seminar covering "Recommendations for Finite Element Analysis of Bridges" will take place on 13 November 2012 at Graduate House adjacent to the University of Melbourne, Australia. 

This event will give engineers, scientists, researchers and students a broad insight into the latest techniques and methods available to model and analyse a range of bridge types with particular reference to LUSAS Bridge analysis software.


This seminar is organised by:

  • Mr Stewart Morrison, Australia and New Zealand Regional Manager, LUSAS.
  • Mr Julian Moses, Principal Bridge Engineer, LUSAS.

With the kind assistance of: Dr David Morris, Principal, David Morris Consulting.


Tuesday 13 November 2012, 3pm


15.00 - 15.30 Registration and coffee
15.30- 15:35 Welcome and Introduction
15.35- 16:30 Overview of modelling and analysis techniques including:
  • Finite Element Modelling - Element types, Selection, Meshing/refinement, Material models, Modelling details/singularities, Support conditions, Static/Mobile/Combining Loads and Model Checking
  • Structural Idealisation - 3D modelling, CAD import, accuracy of FE analysis, interpolation and mesh refinement, element shapes, mesh patterns, surface and volume meshing, linear buckling analysis, basic checklist, plate girder modelling,
  • Bridge loading - Wheel loads, Traffic load optimisation to AS 5100 and NZ Trannsit Manual, and others
  • Nonlinear analysis - Advanced analysis control, geometric nonlinear analysis, nonlinear materials, plate girder buckling
  • Staged construction modelling - Techniques available
  • Dynamics analysis, Modal Dynamics and Time History 
  • Soil structure interaction
  • Case studies
16:30 - 17.30

Demonstration of modelling and analysis of a lightweight footbridge to investigate pedestrian loading and dynamic effects

17.30 Questions and close of event.


  • The event is FREE to attend but a reservation must be made beforehand. Please see below for a link to the online booking form for this event.

Event location

Availability and booking status 

  • The room limit for the seminar has now been increased from 20 to 60. As of 9 November 2012, 32 delegates have registered to attend.

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  • We have now confirmed the attendance of all those who have registered to attend. 

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  • If you or any of your colleagues would like to attend this event please register your interest using the online event booking form.  
    We will then reserve you a place and advise you further by email.

We hope you will be able to attend what will be an informative seminar on the benefits of using LUSAS finite element modelling for bridge analysis, design and assessment.

Yours sincerely

The Event Organisers With the assistance of:

Stewart Morrison

Australia and New Zealand Regional Manager,
Forge House, 
66 High Street,
Kingston upon Thames, 
Surrey, KT1 1HN, UK


Julian Moses

Principal Bridge Engineer,
Forge House, 
66 High Street,
Kingston upon Thames, 
Surrey, KT1 1HN, UK


David Morris

David Morris Consulting
Level 10
50 Market Street
Melbourne 3000