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Software Options

Which software options are available to buy and use with each software product?

The finite element analysis capabilities of the Standard and Plus versions of LUSAS Bridge, LUSAS Civil & Structural, LUSAS Analyst and LUSAS Composite software product can be extended by purchasing additional software options according to your analysis requirements. 

The table below shows which software options can be purchased for use with the software products shown. Note that to achieve certain analysis capabilities may require the use of more than one software option. See the Software Information pages for each software product for more details.

  LUSAS Software Product

LUSAS Software Option available for purchase for use with a particular Software Product

Fast Solvers     * *
Steel Design          
Vehicle Load Optimisation                  
Steel and Composite Deck Designer                  
IMDplus Analysis     ** *
Nonlinear Analysis           * *
Dynamic Analysis           * *
Thermal / Field Analysis           * *
Heat of Hydration Analysis                 *
Rail Track Analysis                    

* The purchase of LUSAS HPM or LUSAS Academic software products includes these software options.

** The IMDplus Analysis software option can be optionally purchased for the LUSAS HPM software product.

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