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LUSAS Composite is used by engineers in the automotive, aerospace, marine, defence, manufacturing and general mechanical industries for all types of composites engineering analysis from simple failure prediction using a number of failure criteria including Tsai-Hill, Hoffman and Tsai-Wu through to advanced delamination failure modelling. Most recent case studies are at the top.

Most recent case studies are at the top.

Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) and Aluminium Bolted T-Joints

  • Parametric studies of bolted joints for yield and fatigue assessments.

Hard impact damage

Estimating impact damage in honeycomb sandwich panels

  • Development of a damage material model to simulate core failure in sandwich panels under a range of impact loading.

LUSAS model of turret

Carbon fibre mast, turret and boom components for a new yacht rig

Optimisation of rig design using linear buckling analysis, composite analysis and material testing.

In-plane strear stress in lamina

Composite landing gear struts

  • Development of composite landing gear components with the aim of reducing the cost and weight of future landing gear assemblies.

Stresses in 7th composite layer at base of wingsail

Composite wingsail design

  • Examination of stress distribution in the trailing section of a proposed new wingsail.

Typical composite radome

Composite radomes

  • Evaluation of natural frequencies, and the effects of vertical and inclined plane shock loadings, and wind loading

Panel displacement contours

Composite floor panels

  • Analysis of honeycomb sandwich floor panels designed to support Land Rover wheel loads in military aircraft.


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