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LUSAS Analyst is used by engineers in the automotive, aerospace, defence, manufacturing and general mechanical industries for all types of linear, nonlinear, contact, dynamic and thermal engineering analysis, including thermal/mechanical coupling. Most recent case studies are at the top.

Most recent case studies are at the top.

Cast Steel Pedestal

Support Hinge Assemblies for the Gateshead Millennium Bridge

  • Optimisation of very large castings for minimum weight

Stress and thermal analysis of a marine LNG loading arm

  • Prediction of temperatures and stresses caused by halving the pre-transfer cool-down period for a new loading arm design

Stress on a 30 degree section of blade seat

Design optimisation of an axial impeller hub

  • Reduction of weight and increased strength in a range of impellers

final mirror assembly design

The design and analysis of a laser mirror assembly

  • Natural frequency analysis and investigation of very sensitive displacements

Drive link showing automatic meshing

Optimising reciprocating gait orthoses

  • 2D and 3D linear static analysis of components for a disabled walking device

rammer in use

Enabling Rammer to hit harder

  • Transient 3D dynamic impact analysis

Innovative cable tie design

  • Nonlinear contact analysis to improve product design

Stresses induced in force-fitting ceramic head onto shaft

Contact analysis of artificial hip joint components

  • Nonlinear contact, fatigue and impact analysis of ceramic components

AMAP model of rear section and muffler

Faster vibration analysis of vehicle exhaust systems

  • Customised software to automate dynamics assessment

Displacement contours due to bolt loading

Engine analysis with LUSAS and lasers

  • Prediction of deformations caused by assembling engine crankcases and cylinder heads.

Automated dynamic analysis of high speed drill spindles

  • Customised software to automate dynamic analysis of drill spindle assemblies


Stresses from tyre loading and 350 mph roadwheel speed

Innovative dynamometer design

  • Fourier analysis to investigate rim and flange thicknesses

Typical riser configuration showing centraliser being installed

Offshore centraliser design

  • Detailed analyses of centraliser designs to investigate ultimate strength and fatigue life.

Analysis of K Joint showing deformed shape

Fatigue analysis of tubular joints with single-sided welds

  • Investigation of stress distributions in typical offshore K joints

Pressure sensor for monitoring mine safety

  • Nonlinear contact analysis of an internal hydraulic flatjack


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