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LUSAS Civil & Structural analysis software is used by engineers worldwide for all types of civil and structural analysis including linear, nonlinear, seismic, blast, buckling, impact and fire. It is used on a full range of structures from simple slabs, buildings, frames, masts, towers and tanks through to heavy civil engineering structures such as cooling towers, dams and tunnels.

These case studies provide a number of illustrative uses of the software with the most recently added article at the top. Country flags relate to the project's location.

Emirates Air Line (London Cable Car)

  • Modelling and analysis of the main towers of the UK's first urban cable car to enable a Category 3 design check to be carried out to Eurocodes.

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Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre

  • Detailed modelling of a large steel and concrete framed performance venue using modal dynamic analysis to assess spectator and crowd loading.

Intesa Sanpaolo Tower

  • Staged construction modelling and buckling analysis of steel transfer trusses for what will be one of the tallest buildings in Italy.

Design of canopy structures for Miami Central Station

  • Design of various canopy structures and roof panel components for the Miami Airport Metrorail Station.

Söderström Tunnel Connector

  • Detailed solid modelling and nonlinear contact analysis of a cable anchored concrete tunnel connector and the surrounding rock to prove the stability of the connector for all considered loading conditions

A structural ribbon for the NASCAR Hall of Fame

  • Design of a structural wall system with a mobius-like canopy structure.

Analysis of barge gate and gate abutment structures

  • Optimization of steel plated flood defence gates in New Orleans to meet a tight design schedule

Beam/column moment connection research

  • Research into alternative moment-resisting connection arrangements for use in multi-storey construction in moderate to high seismic zones

Design and analysis of above-ground full containment LNG storage tanks

  • Development of the world's largest above-ground LNG tank using static, dynamic, thermal and nonlinear analysis

Design of the Copenhagen Opera House roof

  • Static, dynamic and thermal assessment for in-service loadings on one of the largest canopy roof structures in the world.

Roof erection analysis of the Gwangmyeong velodrome

  • Roof erection analysis to check stress levels, establish erection tolerances and to ascertain jack down operational limits

Spinnaker Tower

  • Static, dynamic and nonlinear analysis of a 170m high concrete, steel and composite viewing tower.

Blast analysis of pre-cast wall panels on the MSP office building

  • Dynamic response analysis of pre-cast concrete wall panels and assessment of peak deformations under blast loading.

Whittle Arch and Glass Bridge

  • Analysis of an aerofoil sectioned arch structure and a steel and glass bridge with a spiral access ramp.

Slab design on the St George Wharf development

  • Analysis of irregular shaped floor slabs and use of the reinforced concrete slab design wizard.

Slab and Column Design for Swindon General Hospital

  • Analysis of large rectangular in-situ concrete slabs for the Diagnostic Treatment Centre.


Wooden Tower, Helsinki Zoo

  • Ultimate and serviceability limit state checks of a wooden tower for applied loadings

University College London Hospital

  • Global and local analysis of a jump formed, 22 storey, reinforced concrete core to assess stress distribution

Design and analysis of Gota Tunnel

  • 3D modelling of large, complex box tunnel structure with customised scripting to automate the results processing operations

Ferring International Centre

  • Optimisation of basement wall thicknesses for a 20 storey office building.

Staged Construction Analysis of a Concrete Shaft on the Dublin Port Tunnel Project
  • Staged construction modelling of the cutting of large diameter holes and assessment of wall stiffening options in a large diameter concrete shaft

Modelling the replacement of degraded concrete on the Terra Nitram prill tower

  • Global and local modelling of complex staged construction processes to model cutting-out and replacement of damaged concrete

"The Sentinel" - A commemorative Spitfire sculpture

  • Linear static, buckling and frequency analysis with calculation of stresses and optimisation of plate thicknesses

Raising the roof of the Chunju (Jeonju) Sports Stadium

  • Global modelling of stadium roof structure and development of cable stay tensioning sequence

Yurakucho station canopy

  • Natural frequency and seismic response analysis of a cantilevered glass canopy.

The Olympic Cauldron

  • 3D static, dynamic & buckling analysis to calculate structural displacements for critical service connections

Dynamic analysis of grandstands

  • Eigenvalue and dynamic analysis for wind and crowd loading


Load capacity assessment of steel masts for the Millennium Dome

  • Nonlinear analyses to verify the load capacity of masts used to support the roof structure of the Millennium Dome.

Quantum Cloud" - a sculpture by Antony Gormley

  • Linear and nonlinear analysis of an organically grown sculpture

Wood Armer moments Mx (B)

Slab reinforcement design

  • Optimisation of slab thicknesses and calculation of reinforcement quantities using Wood Armer moments for Milton Keynes Theatre and the Faculty of Divinity at the Univweristy of Cambridge.

Number 10 Dock caisson under construction

Devonport Royal Dockyard

  • Nonlinear dynamic analysis of a variety of major structures

Store wall under construction

UK's largest clinker store

  • Geometric nonlinear analysis of a thin walled post tensioned structure

U2 stage set

Analysis of a glass reinforced plastic arch

  • Investigation into wind loading and tensioning effects of a glass reinforced arch for a U2 stage set

Cable stayed mast structures

  • Using LUSAS for investigating P delta effects on mast structures

'Muela Dam, Lesotho

  • Stress and thermal analysis of major concrete dam

Water treatment tanks

  • Use of LUSAS scripting techniques to simplify analysis of range of similar structures

hagia sophia mosque

Hagia Sophia (Aya Sofya)

  • Prediction of earthquake damage to mosques and churches of masonry construction.

Kyona Dam, India

  • Research work towards developing a concrete cracking model for use on concrete dam structures.

Analysis of natural draught cooling towers

  • Eigenvalue and wind loading analysis and seismic response assessment for a pair of 90m tall cooling towers.

Modelling the dynamic behaviour of buildings

  • Research into the numerical prediction of the behaviour of buildings to dynamic excitation

CQC deflected shape of aircraft hangar

Seismic Eurocode evaluation

  • Evaluation of amendments to a pre-release version of the earthquake resistant design code Eurocode 8

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