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What we do...

We solve a wide range of analysis problems for clients in all engineering industries. We undertake work ranging from the stress analysis of individual components to the provision of structural design substantiation of major engineering projects. 

Absolute stresses in an LNG tank from prestress loadingWe specialise in: 

  • detailed linear static
  • advanced nonlinear
  • static/dynamic analysis
  • shock and vibration
  • composites analysis
  • thermal and fatigue
  • software customisation

We can:

  • Provide a cost-effective service if you do not have an in-house FE capability
  • Provide assistance with advanced and novel analyses
  • Help smooth-out your peak workloads

- and if you also use LUSAS software:

  • Help in the process of introducing LUSAS into your company
  • Customise LUSAS for specific application areas

About us:

  • We are a leader in the application of finite element technology and offer considerable specialist expertise.
  • Our strength lies in our staff of experienced consultants, who combine sound basic engineering skills with an in-depth understanding of the application of FE technology.
  • We provide reliable project management and quality assurance, based on the NAFEMS supplement to ISO 9001.
  • We use a powerful network of PCs running CAD and LUSAS finite element analysis software.
  • We have direct access to the LUSAS software development team which ensures ready access to the latest FE techniques and theories.

Please contact us on +44 (0)20 8541 1999 for an informal discussion on your particular analysis requirements.

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