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Footbridge case study index

  • Read about uses of LUSAS on a variety of footbridge projects.

Building a footbridge model for linear analysis (9:08)

  • Model building using point and line features, creation and assignment of geometric and material properties, meshing, gravity loading and supports. (Version 15.2)

Progressing the footbridge model for linear dynamics (6:23)

  • Setting of eigenvalue controls and adding non-structural mass to allow for decking and parapets etc that are not explicitly modelled. (Version 15.2)

Pedestrian footbridge loading assessment to Eurocode using UK National Annex (13:35)

  • Damping parameters, setting of transient time-step controls, graphing of peak accelerations to compare to Eurocode recommendations. (Version 15.2)

Cable tuning analysis for linear structures (8:15)

  • For many structures it is vital control the deflected shape during construction or under imposed loading. Here, the  cable tuning analysis facility is used to calculate cable forces in a cable stayed footbridge to meet a user-defined pre-cambered profile, as well as limiting the main tower displacement and bending moment to acceptable values. (Version 15.0)

Simple staged construction of a cable staged bridge (3:43)

  • Short presentation to show how parts of the bridge structure can be activated to replicate the stage construction process. (Version 14.x)



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