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LUSAS is the trading name of Finite Element Analysis Ltd. - an expanding UK-based specialist engineering analysis software developer.

  • Our range of software products, based on the LUSAS finite element system, provide accurate solutions for all types of linear and nonlinear stress, dynamic, and thermal / field analysis problems.

  • We provide our users with a first class technical support service and our Engineering Consultancy division offers specialist finite element consultancy services to all branches of the engineering industry.

Company History

The origins of the company go back to 1970 when a group of research workers at Imperial College in London began work on the London University Structural Analysis System, - LUSAS. This team was led by Dr Paul Lyons who, in 1982, set up an independent company, Finite Element Analysis Ltd, which has grown annually in size since then. With continuous development, our LUSAS software products have now become some of the most respected engineering analysis software packages available today.

Application Software

LUSAS software is available in four commercial application products:

  • LUSAS Civil & Structural - for civil, structural, nuclear, seismic, geotechnical and offshore engineering.

  • LUSAS Bridge - for bridge engineering analysis, design, and assessment.

  • LUSAS Analyst - for automotive, aerospace, defence, manufacturing and general engineering analysis.

  • LUSAS Composite - for engineers designing composite products or components.

Whether your analysis requirements are simple or advanced, particular software products can be configured with various levels and  software options to extend the finite element capabilities of these products to meet your needs, all of which are fully integrated and easily upgradeable.

LUSAS software is also available for use in educational establishments for teaching and research use:

  • LUSAS Academic - for use in educational establishments for teaching and research use is a fully functional version with no limit on problem size.

Also available:

  • LUSAS HPM (High Precision Moulding) - for engineers designing composite products or components who want to create master model and tooling surfaces "right first time" ensuring that correctly sized post-cure components are obtained without iterative guesswork. 

Technical Support

Under a support and maintenance agreement, our clients receive regular updates of their software with full documentation incorporating new enhancements. Also, as part of this agreement, we provide a dedicated telephone hotline and email service for immediate help and advice with modelling problems. Our technical support engineers are experts in providing sound modelling and analysis advice to fellow engineers in a friendly and informative manner and are regularly praised by clients for providing good and informative assistance. 

Software Development

We maintain an ongoing programme of in-house development to ensure that LUSAS products are kept at the forefront of software technology. We actively collaborate with universities, research establishments and industry so that the company can benefit from the latest academic research into FE methods. As a result, LUSAS software products are continually updated to take advantage of the latest FE techniques.

Engineering Consultancy

Our Consultancy team are leaders in the application of finite element technology and offer considerable specialist expertise. Our strength lies in our staff of experienced consultants, who combine sound basic engineering skills with an in-depth understanding of the application of FE technology. The team has a reputation for completing projects on time and to budget.


We recognise that the success of any computer software depends on the skill and experience of the people using it. Our structured LUSAS training courses cover every aspect of its use and are designed to help clients to operate effectively from day one.

International Support

LUSAS software is distributed and supported through our overseas offices and a network of more than 25 regional distributors and resellers. We have a significant worldwide presence with users in many countries.

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