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Watch a full-length video recording of a LUSAS webinar. Individual sessions from these webinars can be viewed on the LUSAS software videos page.

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Version 19 webinars

Version 19 update

Recordings from the Version 19 webinars will be made generally available shortly. Hands-on sessions show the use of:

  • New Composite Deck Wizard and design checks to AASHTO LRFD 8th Edition

  • Grillage modelling using the grillage wizard and new grillage attrbutes

  • RC frame design checks to AS5100

  • Slope stability modelling using Phi-c reduction analysis.

Version 18 webinar

RC design checking in LUSAS version 18 (47:21)

Presentation sessions at this webinar highlighted new and existing facilities in LUSAS version 18 for reinforced concrete beam, column, pile, slab and wall design to Eurocodes for these application areas:

  • Buildings - defining reinforcement details to allow a design check to be undertaken.

  • Bridges - design checking of non-standard and complex deck and pier sections.

  • Circular tanks - applying the slab and wall designer to the reinforcement of any type and shape of walled structure.

Version 17 webinar

Design, post-tensioning and improved ease-of-use in LUSAS Version 17 (39:13)

  • An overview of the updated design, post-tensioning and ease of use features in version 17 with presentations covering: steel bridge design checks to EN1993-2: 2006; defining and assigning tendon loading attributes to selected features in a box girder bridge modelled using shell elements; and improved attribute assignment viewing and editing facilities.

Version 16 webinars

Comprehensive Steel Design in LUSAS version 16 (33:35)

  • Modelling of a multi-storey steel framed building showing use of layout grids and generation of columns, bracing and floor slab geometry. The use of rigid zones to accurately model steel members is explained together with the use of  floor loading that distributes floor sub-beam and imposed loads automatically to supporting perimeter beams. Merging-in of a model of the upper tower is performed to show one of the new collaboration features. Design code-based combinations are created followed by steel frame design attributes that specify member design values, members lengths and end conditions used in the determination of buckling capacities. Design checks are carried out to EN1991-1-1 (buildings) showing utilisation factors and a member report is created for a selected column to demonstrate the transparent nature of the LUSAS steel design checking facility that shows the calculations made, revealing every step, every clause reference, and every formula. (Version 16.0)

  • A sample model report for a selected column member is available here.  

Simplify your workflow in LUSAS version 16 (44:43)

  • Following a brief overview of the some of the new features within LUSAS version 16 that simplify the model building, results viewing and reporting processes, a simple skewed reinforced concrete slab model is used to show how these facilities improve and speed-up a typical workflow. The presentation covers layout grids, analysis categories, graphing through 2D improvements, Print Results Wizard changes and model reporting, running an influence analysis, and using traffic load optimisation to show vehicle loading patterns for chosen locations of interest. Design combinations are created and RC slab design attributes assigned to the model to allow viewing of contours of maximum utilisation for ULS RC slab design to BS EN1992-2:2005/NA:2007. (Version 16.0)

  • A similar recording, showing modelling, traffic load optimisation and RC slab design to AASHTO LRFD 7th Edition is available here. (Version 16.0) 

Version 15 webinars

Automation and Customisation with LUSAS (49:33)

  • Describes how all operations carried out in the LUSAS interface can be controlled by a range of programming languages. You can create code directly or use LUSAS to create VB scripts through the recording of interface operations (macro record). These operations can also be called by external applications through the LUSAS Programmable Interface (LPI). This means that you can view and edit a recorded session, parameterise those commands, turn them into sub-routines, add loops and other functions to the scripts and create your own utilities, or even create a totally different application or program - using the proven core technology of LUSAS. (Version 15.2) 

Footbridge Dynamics with LUSAS (37:23)

  • Shows a summary of the modelling and analysis techniques involved in the real-time modelling in LUSAS of a steel arch pedestrian bridge. An overview of eigenvalue and Interactive Modal Dynamics techniques is explained prior to showing the procedures required to progess from a linear static model and carry out an eigenvalue analysis and subsequent pedestrian loading assessment and response analysis to the Eurocode. (Version 15.2)

  • A more detailed video related to damping parameters, setting of transient time-step controls, graphing of peak accelerations to compare to Eurocode recommendations for this footbridge model can be viewed from the LUSAS Video index page.

Rail bridge assessment using LUSAS with relevant guidance (43:59)

  • Describes the key considerations in the modelling of a U-frame rail bridge when the purpose is to obtain improved buckling resistance as compared to Code Of Practice rules. It explains why such advantages may exist and shows, in real time, the ease and speed with which such a model can be created and analysed using LUSAS, with references to Network Rail's Guidance Note NR/GM/CIV/025 and BS5400-3:2000. The use of elastic critical (eigen) buckling analysis and nonlinear modelling techniques are also discussed. (Version 15.2)

LUSAS Steel and Composite Deck Design to EC4 webinar (41:56)

  • Highlights the steps involved and benefits obtained in using the LUSAS Steel and Composite Deck Design software option, which carries out comprehensive calculations and design checks to EC4. The presentation sessions cover: defining section geometry, LUSAS modelling, and viewing results and generating full reports. (Version 15.1)

LUSAS Version 15.1 Update webinar (49:39)

  • Shows how selected new facilities and improvements in the LUSAS Version 15.1 could be of great benefit to you in your organisation. In addition to highlighting the main new functionality in version 15.1 the webinar includes three short LUSAS presentation sessions covering: results extraction and reporting, staged construction improvements, and ease-of-use improvements. (Version 15.1)

See also:

LUSAS new release and software feature videos

LUSAS conference papers and presentations


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