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LUSAS version 16 now released : visit the version 16 microsite at

We develop, market and support a range of engineering analysis software products all based upon the LUSAS finite element analysis system.

  • Our LUSAS software products can solve all types of linear and nonlinear stress, dynamics, composite and thermal engineering analysis problem, across a range of engineering industries.

For bridge analysis, design and assessment. For civil, structural, nuclear, seismic, geotechnical and offshore engineering design and analysis. For analysis and design of composite products or components. For academic teaching,  training and research use. For automotive, aerospace, defence, manufacturing and general engineering analysis and design. For obtaining master model and tooling surfaces for composites.

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  • LUSAS software options extend the analysis capabilities of particular products for uses such as vehicle load optimisation, steel and composite deck design, and rail track-structure interaction analysis.

  • LUSAS case studies show illustrative uses of LUSAS software on projects and applications around the world. 

  • LUSAS video and webinar presentation sessions show aspects of particular software products and features in action.

  • LUSAS consultancy services undertake work ranging from the stress analysis of individual components to structural design substantiation of major engineering projects.

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Typical Structural Applications

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Comprehensive steel design in LUSAS Version 16
  • Watch our free 30 minute webinar to find out how LUSAS version 16 offers a new transparent approach to steel member design.
Simplify your workflow in LUSAS Version 16
  • An overview of just some of the new features within LUSAS version 16 that simplify the model building, results viewing and reporting processes.

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Latest LUSAS Video Presentations

LUSAS Version 16 Update Presentation

  • Version 16 marks a new era for LUSAS with the addition of comprehensive design checking tools for steelwork, and a host of other new features and enhancements that improve usability and make collaboration easier. 

  • Visit the LUSAS version 16 microsite to find out more about this release.

Cut and cover tunnel modelling

  • Import of a DXF file to create a 2D slice model of a simple cut and cover tunnel model. Material properties, supports and loading are assigned, prior to showing how activation and deactivation of elements can be done to model the staged construction process of excavating the soil, installing ground anchors and constructing tunnel structure.

See LUSAS video presentation sessions for software presentations See Papers and Presentations for seminar and conference presentations.

Featured Bridge Case Study

Currie Road Bridge

  • Detailed modelling of a single span half-through steel girder railway underbridge with a 50 degree skew to reduce number of deck bearings used and assist with checks to specific design codes.

Featured Civil & Structural Case Study

Erection engineering analysis of a replacement roof for the London Olympic Stadium

  • Independent modelling and checking of the various stages involved in the deconstruction of the original cable net roof of the London Olympic Stadium and subsequent construction of a new long-span replacement for what is now called the London Stadium.

Conferences and Events

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  • LUSAS is attending Bridges 2018, Coventry, UK, 14 March 2018.

  • LUSAS is exhibiting at NASCC 2018, Baltimore, Maryland, USA, 11-13 April 2018.

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Scheduled LUSAS Training Courses

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Job Opportunities

Engineering Consultant | Reviewed 2 January 2018.

  • We require an experienced Bridge and Civil/Structural design engineer to expand our technical services team based in the UK. More details. 

Software Engineers (Structural Design) | Reviewed 2 January 2018.

  • We require experienced Bridge and Civil/Structural design engineers to expand our structural design development team based in the UK. More details.

OpenGL Programmer | Reviewed 2 January 2018.

  • We are looking for a Software Engineer specialising in OpenGL graphics to join our expanding user interface development team. More details.

C++ Software Engineers | Reviewed 2 January 2018.

  • We are always looking for Software Engineers to join our LUSAS user interface development team based in Kingston upon Thames. More details.

Distributor and Reseller opportunities

LUSAS Reseller - New Zealand | Reviewed 2 January 2018.

  • We are looking for a partner with strong local knowledge of the New Zealand civil and structural engineering and construction sector and with a good business background to help towards our success in this region. More details.

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