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Advanced Rail Infrastructure Modelling, Analysis and Design

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LUSAS capabilities

The following information details specific capabilities of LUSAS for advanced rail infrastructure modelling. 

  • All facilities are based on the trusted and proven general capability of the LUSAS finite element system. 
  • Follow the links provided to stream and download media content.

Train/Rail Load Optimisation

  • Train/rail load optimisation on a two-span box beam bridge

  • Track modelling including crossover and signal stop location

  • Influence analysis

  • Calculation of crtical rail loading patterns for chosen design code

View video (8:23)

High Speed Rail Dynamics

  • Automated approach to rail vehicle dynamics

  • Includes load and sprung-mass interaction approach to vehicle modelling

  • Applicable to simple and advanced structures

  • Rapid solution times and flexible detailed reporting

View video (4:20)

Track-Structure Interaction

  • Parametric approach to track, structure and load modelling

  • Creates models in accordance with codes including UIC 774-3 and various Eurocode national annexes guidelines

  • Includes checks for vehicle acceleration and braking, temperature

  • Detailed standardised results reporting

View video (4:25) | Download paper

Dobwalls Bypass tunnel : modelling of backfill procedure

Soil-Structure Interaction

  • Soil and structure modelling in one place

  • Applicable to any bridge and tunnelling SSI problem

  • Available in both 2D and 3D and incorporating time phases

  • Models soil phenomena including stability, sliding, consolidation, seepage and dynamics

More information | Download paper

Detailed Rail Bridge Assessment

  • Detailed modelling of rail structures for linear and non-linear assessment procedures

  • Local and global, linear and non linear buckling capability

  • Advanced analysis capabilities can help derive increases in assessed capacity and thus reduce cost of remedial works

View video (43:58) | Download paper 

Rail Break Analysis

  • Detailed modelling of rail, fasteners, superstructure and structure

  • Gap control calculation following break

View video (3:12)

Rail Project Case Studies

  • Read about illustrative uses of LUSAS on many rail projects

Rail project case studies

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