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Soil-Structure Interaction Modelling 

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LUSAS capabilities

The following information details specific capabilities of LUSAS for Soil-Structure Interaction modelling. 

  • All facilities are based on the trusted and proven general capability of the LUSAS finite element system. 
  • Follow the links provided to stream and download media content.

Video: Cut and Cover Tunnel modelling

  • Modelling of a staged construction process using activation and deactivation of members

  • Shows use of the LUSAS multiple analysis facility to evaluate different soil properties

  • Applicable to simple and advanced structures

  • Rapid solution times, easy viewing of results and flexible detailed reporting

View video (8:10)

Video: Modelling of Active/Passive Soil Behaviour

  • Structural-element and ground displacements are dependent upon one another

  • Active / Passive soil joint is set up to cater for lateral pressures increasing with depth

  • Joints are pre-loaded with an at-rest pressure at the beginning of the analysis

  • Parametric investigation of soil properties carried out

View video (5:53)

Dobwalls Bypass tunnel : modelling of backfill procedure

General Information

  • Detailed information on the soil-structure interaction modelling capabilities of LUSAS

  • Applicable to any bridge and tunnelling SSI problem

  • Available in both 2D and 3D and incorporating time phases

  • Models soil phenomena including stability, sliding, consolidation, seepage and dynamics

More information

Presentation: Integral Bridges and Soil-Structure Interaction

  • Expands upon recent guidance regarding soil-structure interaction modelling approaches

  • Hear about methods most suitable for modeling common integral bridge forms

  • Covers material properties, initial stress state and incorporation of the effects of soil ratcheting 

  • Continuum and spring-type finite element models explored

View presentation (22:35) | Download paper

Case Studies

  • Read about illustrative uses of LUSAS on SSI and geotechnical projects

Soil-Structure Interaction case studies

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