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This table provides some examples of the LUSAS Bridge software product version and additional software options that are required to carry out the modelling, anslysis or design types shown. It is not a comprehensive list of the capabilities of these products. To discuss and confirm the software product and software option combination needed for your particular analysis requirements please contact your local distributor.

Example of a modelling, analysis or design type to be carried out

Software product version required

Additional software
option to be purchased

( N O  O P T I O N S  R E Q U I R E D )
Linear static analysis
(2D/3D frames, grillages)


Linear static analysis 
(shells, solids, joints)
Eigenvalue analysis                      
Linear buckling analysis                      
Linear cable tuning analysis                      
Seismic analysis 
(frequency domain)
Interactive Modal Dynamics 
(time and frequency) for a single loading event in a single direction
Fatigue analysis                      
RC slab design                      
Design code-based load combinations                      

F A S T E R  S O L U T I O N S  
Faster solution times         

S T E E L  D E S I G N 
Steelwork design checks to supported design codes           

V E H I C L E   L O A D I N G 
Vehicle load optimisation



C O M P O S I T E  D E C K  D E S I G N  
Steel and Composite Deck Design to Eurocodes  

I N T E R A C T I V E  M O D A L  D Y N A M I C S multiple loading events in multiple directions
Seismic analysis 
(time domain)
Moving loads 
(time domain)

N O N L I N E A R  
Nonlinear buckling analysis                      
Nonlinear cable tuning                      
Large deformation modelling                      
Contact modelling                      
Nonlinear materials                      
Concrete cracking                      
Nonlinear dynamics analysis                    
Lift-off supports        
Staged construction 
(Load factor or manual step)

Staged construction 
(Time based control)


Creep / shrinkage modelling          
Soil Structure Interaction                      
Modelling cables in tension or compression only                      
Viscous dampers        
* This is optional according to the analysis type used.

D Y N A M I C S  
Linear transient dynamics            
Nonlinear transient dynamics          
Nonlinear impact          

T H E R M A L / F I E L D  
Steady state thermal              
Temperature dependent materials         * *    
Thermal radiation            
Semi-coupled thermal analysis            
Fully-coupled thermal analysis            
Transient thermal analysis           
* A nonlinear or a dynamic option must be used.

H E A T  O F  H Y D R A T I O N 
Heat of hydration modelling            

R A I L  T R A C K  A N A L Y S I S  
Track/Structure interaction analysis to UIC-774-3             

Example of a modelling, analysis or design type to be carried out

Software product version required Additional software option 

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Software Information

  Bridge / Bridge plus
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Software overview
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Modelling in general
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Advanced elements, materials and solvers
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Load types and combinations
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Staged construction modelling
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Geotechnical / Soil-structure modelling
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Analysis and design
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Design code facilities
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Viewing results
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Software customisation

  Bridge LT
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Software overview

green_arrow.gif (94 bytes)

  Choosing Software
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Software products
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) LUSAS Bridge LT
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) LUSAS Bridge
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) LUSAS Bridge Plus
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  Software Options
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  Case Studies
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  Additional Information
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Linear and nonlinear buckling analysis
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Curved girder analysis
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Integral or jointless bridges
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Post-tensioning
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Concrete modelling
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Interactive Modal Dynamics
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) LUSAS Programmable Interface (LPI)

  General information
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Hardware specification
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Licencing and Networking options
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Software prices
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