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LUSAS Academic - Terms and conditions of use

Notes on Software, Technical Support and Documentation

  • LUSAS Academic software may be purchased with or without technical support as either:

a) Fixed licences (security USB protected) at the stated price for each, with no discount for multiple copies, or

b) Floating/Network licences at the stated price for the first floating/network licence and a reduced price for each additional licence.

  • Additional licences will be given the same expiry date as the first licence at the site and will only be valid if payments for the first licence at a site are maintained. Payments for additional licences must be made in advance. A "site" is considered to be a building or organisation with a unique billing address.

  • Technical support of supported software is provided for each initial site licence through a single individual nominated by the licensee.

  • LUSAS Academic allows any LUSAS application product to be selected at run-time. Current products are LUSAS Analyst, LUSAS Composite, LUSAS Bridge and LUSAS Civil & Structural

  • LUSAS Academic includes Fast Solvers, IMD Plus, Nonlinear, Dynamics, Thermal/Field, and Heat of Hydration analysis product options.

  • The price for the first licence at a site includes CD media and the following printed documentation: Installation Guide, Getting Started Guide, Modeller Reference Manual, Application Manual (Civil & Bridge) Application Examples Manual (Civil & Bridge), Examples Manual (General)plus one free copy of the Student Teaching/Training CD.

  • All manuals are provided on-line and additional printed manuals are available at extra cost.

  • All manuals are provided on the CD in PDF format for direct printing.

Notes on UK VAT / EC Equivalent Tax Registration Numbers

  • Value Added Tax (VAT) will be added to all orders from addresses within the UK.

  • Orders from non-UK addresses located within the European Community will be charged VAT at the UK current rate unless a VAT / EC Equivalent Tax Registration Number has been given. Please ensure that your Tax Number is specified.

  • Orders from countries located outside the European Community will not be charged VAT.

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Terms of Supply

  1. Results produced by LUSAS Academic software are the intellectual property right of the user, but it is mandatory that publications containing results produced by LUSAS Academic software contain a reference to LUSAS.

  2. Copies of LUSAS Academic software (other than the Student Teaching / Training CD) may not be released to any party without written authorisation from Finite Element Analysis Ltd. (FEA)

  3. No copy of LUSAS Academic software may be used for bureau applications or any commercial purpose without written authorisation from FEA and the payment of royalties.

  4. The royalty payment will be either 10% of the total value of the project invoiced to the educational establishment's client, including personnel time and computer costs, or the appropriate commercial fee based on the monthly lease rate for the software for the total duration of the project, whichever is the lesser. A copy of all invoices issued to the client in connection with the project must be sent to FEA.

  5. Copies of LUSAS Academic software remain the property of FEA for all time, and may not be transferred to any computer without both a software agreement for the use of the software on that computer being in existence, and written authorisation by FEA.

  6. FEA accepts no liability whatsoever, in respect of the use of LUSAS software or manuals.

  7. The annual licence fee must be paid annually in advance.

  8. The annual licence fee will include the supply of software media and selected printed documentation for each major revision of the software. No interim updates will be provided.

  9. Unless otherwise stated on the licence schedule, support for LUSAS Academic will only be provided to academic establishments if the support option has been purchased.

  10. By printing the academic order form supplied, completing it and sending it to FEA, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions as stated herein.

  11. Credit card and purchase order information should not be sent by unencrypted email. You may want to download the PDF version of the order form, complete it, and fax it to FEA on +44 (0)20 8549 9399.

  12. Software will not be dispatched until payment has been received.

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