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Licencing and Networking Options

LUSAS software products can be licenced for use in various ways - each suited to your preferred method of working. 

The software is security protected either by:

  • A security hardware lock which allows you to use it on a single PC. This is known as a Standalone Licence.

  • A network licence utility which allows you to run the software on any machine on a Local Area Network (LAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN). This is known as a Network Licence.

Running LUSAS on any PC either standalone or on a network requires the installation of the LUSAS software on the local PC and the presence of a valid software licence key.

  • For a standalone licence the licence is held on the local PC and contains LUSAS product keycodes for the security hardware lock of the PC concerned.
  • For network licences the licence is held on the chosen licence server and contains LUSAS product keycodes for all available products that can be run over the network.
Standalone Licence

Standalone licences are security hardware lock protected. The security hardware lock is connected to your PCs USB port and is checked each time the software is run. This is termed a USB key.

  • You can only run LUSAS on the machine with a security hardware lock
  • You can run LUSAS on another computer in the office or at home by transferring the hardware lock to the other computer.
  • You can add extra licences for other products such as Autoloader, or upgrade to other LUSAS product versions and options as required by simply getting a new licence code file (i.e a new USB key).
Network (LAN and WAN) Licence

A network licence requires Sentinel licence control software (supplied as standard) to be installed on the PC that will act as a licence server. The licence server does not need to be the main file server and it may also be a ‘client’ PC if required. LAN and WAN network licences allow any ‘client’ PC on a network to run LUSAS providing the number of licences in use at any one time does not exceed the number defined by the software licence.

  • Any PC computer on your network that has LUSAS installed on it may request use of the software from the licence server until the number of copies of the software permitted by your company’s LUSAS licence has been reached.
  • Depending upon your licence, your licence server may allow  different LUSAS software products to be run. 
  • A configuration utility allows you to select which LUSAS software product you wish to use.
  • You can have a dedicated PC for handling all analysis jobs and solve overnight if desired by using standard queueing options.
  • A single user network licence allows running LUSAS Modeller and LUSAS Solver on different PCs - this is not possible with a single standalone hardware locked licence.

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