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Software Specification

LUSAS Analyst

A feature-rich engineering analysis system for general use consisting of:

  • Advanced high-performance element library including:
  • Bars
  • Thick + thin beams
  • Plane stress/strain continuum
  • Axisymmetric solid continuum
  • Solid continuum
  • Flat thin membranes
  • Thick + thin plates
  • Flat thick + thin shells
  • Axisymmetric membranes
  • Axisymmetric thin shells
  • Generalised joint/springs/gaps
  • Advanced materials including:
  • Isotropic, orthotropic, anisotropic, rigidity models, temperature dependency.
  • Integrated Windows user interface for Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • Integrated DXF and IGES interfaces

For linear static stress, linear buckling, natural frequency and fatigue analysis.


LUSAS Analyst Options

The finite element analysis capabilities of LUSAS Analyst can be extended by purchasing and using any of the following software options:-

IMD Plus Analysis

  • Multiple event assessment
  • Linear dynamics effects

Fast Multifrontal Solvers

  • Fast Multifrontal Direct Solver
  • Fast Multifrontal Block Lanczos Eigensolver

Other Software Available

  • LUSAS Composite for advanced analysis of all types of laminated and composite components.

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