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General Information

Hardware Requirements

Last updated: 07 August 2018

Because computer hardware specifications are constantly changing, for optimum results always use the fastest hardware commercially available with the maximum amount of memory and disk space that you can obtain.

Speed of use when building LUSAS models and the time required to analyse and process the results from a model can vary a great deal depending upon the size of model, the loadcases considered and the types of analysis performed. As such it is difficult to be too specific about minimum hardware requirements for general applications. The following are provided for general information:

Minimum Recommended Minimum Potentially Suitable
Core i5 processor (or equivalent from a similar manufacturer) with at least 4Gb of RAM and at least 160Gb of hard disk. Dual Core 3Ghz processor with at least 2Gb of RAM and at least 160Gb of hard disk.


Screen Minimum resolution of 1600 x 900 is required.
USB Port A USB port is required for those using USB security license devices.

Operating System

Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10

Windows XP, whilst no longer generally supported by Microsoft, may still be usable with LUSAS software.

Distribution Media
  • The latest release of LUSAS software is sent on DVD to all new clients.
  • Subsequent regular updates and error fix versions of LUSAS software are then made available for download by all clients with a support and maintenance agreement from the User Area of the LUSAS website. 
  • Updates are also available on DVD at clients request.
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For LUSAS clients more detailed information on how to configure your hardware to achieve optimium results is provided in the LUSAS User Area. See Computer Hardware Considerations for more details.

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Software Information

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Any modelling and analysis capabilities described on this page are dependent upon the LUSAS software product and version in use.
Last modified: August 07, 2018.