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LUSAS Composite software product

LUSAS Composite software is available only as a plus version with additional software options available for purchase to meet your particular needs. 

  • Composite plus allows for linear static and linear modal dynamic analysis using beam, shell, solid and joint elements, and more advanced analyses to be undertaken with additional advanced high-performance composite elements.
LUSAS Composite software product
Element set Plus
2D/3D line elements (bars, beams, grillage, others)

2D/3D surface and volume elements (plates, shells, solids, more)

Advanced high-performance elements

Key to table
= Element set is included in this software product.

The analysis capabilities can be extended by using software options.

Which software product and which options do I need?

2 LUSAS Composite
1 LUSAS Composite
LUSAS Composite LT
not available not available for advanced analysis

Allows for advanced composites analyses to be undertaken.

Includes all available elements, material models, modelling, analysis and results  capabilities as stated on the Detailed Specification.

Includes an extended advanced high-performance element library. 

Allows for:

  • Linear static analysis

  • Linear buckling

  • Natural frequency / eigen analysis

  • Linear dynamics including forced response

  • Interactive modal dynamics analysis (IMD)

  • Fatigue analysis

Includes this software option for new orders:

  • Fast solvers

And when used with these purchased software options also allows:

  • Advanced Interactive Modal Dynamics (IMD Plus)

  • Nonlinear analysis

  • Dynamic analysis

  • Thermal / Field analysis


Detailed Specification


  • The detailed specification for each product lists the main features and capabilities of each product.  

Compatibility of LUSAS software products

  • Model and results files created by a lower product (such as Analyst) can be viewed and edited by a higher product version (such as Composite plus). 
  • Model and results files created in a higher product can be opened for viewing or editing in a lower product version provided the model contains only those elements and analysis options supported by the lower product.
Compatibility of LUSAS Composite software release versions
  • LUSAS model and results data can only be read in a particular software release version when it was written by a version with the same or lower 'major' version (such as V14 or V15), and also the same or lower 'point' release version (such as V14.5 or V14.6).

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