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Summary of LUSAS modelling and results processing features as at Version 15.1

Last updated: 14 December 2015

The following summarises the modelling and results processing features present in the range of LUSAS finite element software products and additional software options at version 15.0

Note: For detailed information relating to each LUSAS software product click here

User Interface

  • Full Native Windows 2000/Vista/ 7/ 8 implementation.
  • User configuration utility for licensing and specifying primary software defaults
  • User-defined startup templates
  • Treeview-based viewing of model data
  • Separate viewable layers for mesh, geometry, attribute, annotation and utility data.
  • Multiple model windows, and optional text output window and command line
  • Multiple analysis capability within one model
  • On-the-fly input, conversion and reporting of modelling units
  • Specification of timescale units
  • On/off display control of model layers
  • Display interrupt facility
  • Map keyboard modifiers for cursor and area selection (to mimic CAD modelling systems)
  • Wide variety of feature/object selection cursors
  • Dialogs, file selection boxes, toggle buttons
  • Datatips shown when hovering over features
  • Evaluation of expressions during data input
  • Open Interface to ActiveX compliant Windows software such as MS Excel, Word, Access etc.
  • Hardware/software OPENGL displays
  • Cut and paste of graphical and text data
  • Automated error reporting
  • Online help


  • Fully associative feature modelling - based on CAD type data structure
  • Full range of modelling units
  • Boolean geometry operations
  • Fleshing of geometric attributes
  • Definition of tapered arbitrary cross-sections
  • Definition of multiple varying sections based upon a distance along a line or path of lines
  • Reference path facility
  • Definition of extreme beam fibre locations for viewing of results
  • Analytical Shape wizard
  • Generation of points, lines, surfaces, and volumes in Cartesian, cylindrical or spherical coordinate systems
  • Automatic generation of surface and line intersections
  • Feature manipulation with copy, mirror and translate commands
  • Accurate arc definition
  • Multi-level undo/redo facility
  • Options for manifolding, filleting and splitting
  • Section property calculator for standard, arbitrary and pre-cast sections
  • Standard steel section libraries for UK, USA, EU, China and many other countries / regions


  • Isoparametric meshing in 2D and 3D
  • Automatic irregular meshing in 2D
  • Extruded irregular meshing in 3D
  • Adaptive meshing
  • Mesh interrupt facility
  • Mesh-only modelling capability
  • Fine control over activation / deactivation of elements


  • Creation and visualisation of varying attributes over features
  • Drag and drop assignment of attributes to model selectively, or to all relevant features
  • Assignment of load attribute to one, all, or a range of loadcases
  • Attribute/Utility data transfer between models
  • Vary attributes over features using variations facility
  • Generation of geometric properties, material properties, boundary conditions
  • Automatic support stiffness distribution
  • Automatic constraint equation generation
  • Generation of wide range of load types
  • Definition of load case titles for ease of results interpretation
  • Feature based slideline and thermal surface generation and visualisation
  • Automatic generation of data input for all analysis types
  • Gravity loading applied on a feature or loadcase or model basis
  • Simple, lift-off and contacting supports
  • User-defined feature, node and element numbering
  • Specification of rigid zones for building modelling

Material models


  • Hidden line removal
  • Display of element numbers, node numbers, material type, boundary conditions and load data
  • Exploded element views
  • Colour fill options
  • Interactive rotation and transformation options to enable viewing of model from any angle or eye position
  • Pre-defined primary views and isometric view
  • Selective element viewing by element type, area, geometry type, material type or feature
  • Pan, zoom and windowing options
  • 3-plane drawing grid
  • Multiple graphic windows providing an unlimited number of views of a model
  • Group facility
  • Full plot annotation
  • Animation over multiple model load cases
  • Working and Page layout views
  • Saved views option

File Handling

  • Fine control over folder storage of models and associated data files on disk
  • Command file input
  • Scripting language support for application customisation
  • Session file logging


  • PATRAN, IDEAS, FEMVIEW, FAM and STEP interfaces
  • IGES import and DXF import and export
  • LMS interface
  • PontiEC4 (design checking software) import and export
  • Import mesh data from Abaqus input files, Ansys cdb files, and Nastran bulk data files
  • Import of basic data from supported third-party model data input files
  • Extensive user interfaces
  • Picture file option for hardcopy output
  • Print directly to Windows printers

Results Processing

  • Comprehensive results processing from multiple analysis runs
  • Automated management of results files
  • Numerous results transformation options
  • Processing of averaged or element nodal and Gauss point stresses, strain results
  • Strain energy, plastic work, rubber stretches and user defined state variables
  • Internal results calculator
  • Automatic calculation of moments and forces from solids elements
  • Basic and Smart load combination facilities
  • Expandable basic combinations (create individual factored loadcases from a combination) 
  • Enveloping with option for different factors for positive and negative effects
  • Absiolute maximum / minimum / extreme envelopes
  • Reinforcement calculation (Wood Armer) for plates and shell elements with option to minimise reinforcement areas
  • Interactive modal dynamics (modal superposition) for frequency and time domain solutions
  • Interactive spectral response analysis
  • Fatigue response calculation

Results Display

  • Window based views allow different results in different windows
  • Deformed mesh plots
  • Separate viewable layers for diagram, contour, vector and discrete data.
  • Animation over multiple load cases/load steps/time steps with AVI output.
  • Support for local or global directions for results display
  • Contours of displacements, potentials, moments or forces using line or colour fill
  • Contouring of joint results
  • Plotting of crack width contours and values for concrete models
  • 2D/3D stress and displacement vectors
  • Bending moment and force diagrams for beam elements with optional peak values displayed
  • Annotation facility
  • 3D slice facility with optional contour display
  • Slice section results for 3D beams and shells
  • 2D line sections
  • Comprehensive graph plotting facility with export to standard spreadsheet packages
  • Display of cracked and yielded Gauss points
  • Peak results value display
  • Printing and viewing of numerical result values for selected areas and groups in a model
  • Full results summary
  • High resolution BMP, JPG or WMF output
  • Automatic time history plotting
  • User-defined results calculation facility
  • Visualisation of slideline/slidesurface forces in global or local directions
  • Visualisation of slice section results locations
  • Construction table (Camber, Displacement History, and Incremental Displacement) results facility
  • Feature-based results

Reporting facilities

  • One-click reports for selected
  • User-defined main report generation with auto-updating of report data if model changes

Product related facilities

Bridge product

  • Available in LT, Standard and Plus versions
  • Grillage wizard
  • Library of precast sections - numerous design codes supported
  • Section property calculator for single and multi-cell box sections
  • Country-specific static vehicle loading libraries - numerous design codes supported
  • Moving load generator
  • Vehicle load optimisation using reciprocal and direct influence methods
  • Cable tuning analysis for linear structures 
  • Single and Multi-tendon prestress wizards - numerous design codes supported
  • Pre-defined load combinations for selected design codes
  • RC slab designer for ULS and SLS checks - AASHTO-LRFD, BS5400; Eurocode EN1992, JTG D62-2004
  • Export force and moment data to PontiEC4 (design checking software)
  • Crack width calculation to EN 1992-1-1

Civil product

  • Available in LT, Standard and Plus versions
  • Library of precast sections - numerous design codes supported
  • Section property calculator for single and multi-cell box sections
  • Vehicle load optimisation using reciprocal and direct influence methods
  • Cable tuning analysis for linear structures 
  • Single and Multi-tendon prestress wizards - AASHTO-LRFD, BS5400; Eurocode EN1992, JTG D62-2004
  • RC slab designer for ULS and SLS checks - numerous design codes supported
  • Crack width calculation to EN 1992-1-1

Composite product

  • Available as a Plus version only
  • Composite material libaries
  • Tsai-Hill, Hoffman, Tsai-Wu (with Cowin extension), and Hashin (fibre and matrix) composite failure modelling
  • Visualisation of fibre direction and skew angles

HPM product

  • Available as a single version only (with limited availability)
  • Distortion prediction of laminated composite parts during manufacture
  • Draping capability
  • Materials database of resins and fibres
  • Visualisation of fibre direction and skew angles
  • Model slip and lift off between Part and Tool during cure simulation.
  • Links to third-party interfaces

Analyst product

  • Available in Standard and Plus versions
  • Adaptive meshing in 2D for continuum elements
  • Design factor plotting

Academic product

  • Allows running of any LUSAS product with most product options

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