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*** Version 19.1 is now released ***

LUSAS version 19.1 extends our ability to deliver a single advanced solution for any infrastructure project and includes:

  • LNG Tank System - a new licenced software product that automates tank modelling, analysis and design.
  • Extended design code support for the steel frame designer and time-dependent prestress loss calculator (along with matching concrete creep and shrinkage material models).
  • More bridge assessment loading - UK assessment code (CS 458) and AASHTO Manual for Bridge Evaluation. 

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For more than 35 years, LUSAS has helped its clients to analyse, design and assess all types of infrastructure projects.

Our innovative, flexible and trusted software solutions can be applied to diverse applications across a range of industries.

Typical Bridge, Civil and Structural Applications

LUSAS Version 19

LUSAS version 19 is more productive, supports more codes of practice in more countries, and has even broader application.  Watch one of our overview videos to find out more:

  • Find out about the new and improved facilities which make modelling composite bridge decks more productive.
  • See which Code of Practice facilities have been updated or expanded and find out more about the range of design facilities available.
  • Discover the new and existing facilities for geotechnical / soil-structure interaction uses.

Featured Applications / Webinars

Check out an application-specific case study or watch a recent software update webinar:

  • Currie Road Bridge (Borders Railway) - Detailed modelling of a single span half-through steel girder railway underbridge with a 50 degree skew to reduce number of deck bearings used and assist with checks to specific design codes.

  • Version 19 update for UK and Europe - Watch an overview of the new features and improvements in LUSAS version 19 that provide more productivity, more design and more application uses of the software for this region.

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Next LUSAS Live Online Training Courses

Introductory course

Featuring four live online sessions, this course is for engineers with little or no prior knowledge of LUSAS, or for those wanting to refresh their knowledge of carrying out linear static and buckling analysis for structural and bridge applications. 

The course covers getting started with LUSAS and proceeds to cover in detail:

  • Modelling and analysis options available for creating beam models
  • Modelling flat slabs, composite construction
  • Performing 3D modelling and linear buckling
  • Correctly applying the various types of bridge and structural loading available with reference to relevant design codes and units

Advanced course

Featuring four live online sessions, this course is for engineers with a good understanding of linear analysis but who need to progress to nonlinear analysis for design and assessment. 

Many problems facing designers and engineers are nonlinear in nature, whether it be masonry arch cracking, buckling of a plate girder system or soil structure interaction. While the assumption of linearity is routinely used for many designs, sometimes a more refined - nonlinear - approach is justified. 

With LUSAS you can straightforwardly model the various forms of nonlinear behaviour that can be encountered, and become proficient in using tools and facilities that are often seen to be the preserve of the experts.

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