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LUSAS Civil & Structural analysis software is used by engineers worldwide for all types of civil and structural analysis including linear, nonlinear, seismic, blast, buckling, impact and fire. It is used on a full range of structures from simple slabs, buildings, frames, masts, towers and tanks through to heavy civil engineering structures such as cooling towers, dams and tunnels. Recent software releases have continued to extend the engineer's workflow from analysis into design.

Case Studies

Iillustrative uses of the software with the most recently added at the top. Country flags relate to the project's location. 

Optimised design of wind tower foundations

  • Modelling of structural and soil-structure interaction effects in a single model, allowing stresses in the precast sections to be obtained, and foundation stability and ground bearing pressures to be predicted.

"The LUSAS Programmable Interface (LPI) has been an invaluable tool for streamlining our analysis of the foundation."

Evelyn Hunsberger, Engineering Lead, RUTE Foundations.

Seismic isolation analysis of an LNG storage tank

  • Detailed modelling including time history seismic analysis with lumped-mass stick (beam) models; static and peak seismic loading application using shell models; and coupled thermal-structural analysis for spillage and an aftershock event using solid models, to provide a design basis for the 180,000m3 capacity full containment tank.

"On the Costa Norte LNG Terminal project, the use of LUSAS successfully verified our tank design for a highly seismic region. With LUSAS, we can always ensure that our LNG tank designs meet the strict design requirements of our clients."

Jung-Hoe Kim, Civil & Arch Dept Manager, KOGAS-Tech.

London Olympic Stadium Roof

  • Independent modelling and checking of the various stages involved in the deconstruction of the original cable net roof of the London Olympic Stadium and subsequent construction of a new long-span replacement for what is now called the London Stadium.

"The use of LUSAS VB Scripting techniques to customise the software and to automate the extensive modelling and checking procedures required, allowed us to save a great deal of time and ultimately confirm the adequacy of the structural members which formed the permanent works and global stability of the structure under the applied loads."

Dr Ahad Kolahi, Project Manager, LUSAS

Emirates Air Line (London Cable Car)

  • Modelling and analysis of the main towers of the UK's first urban cable car to enable a Category 3 design check to be carried out to Eurocodes.

"The use and assistance of LUSAS in conjunction with our own substantial in-house expertise allowed us to carry out a  challenging Category 3 design check on a very unusual structure within a very tight timescale"

James Rowe, Technical Director, URS

Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre

  • Detailed modelling of a large steel and concrete framed performance venue using modal dynamic analysis to assess spectator and crowd loading.

"Using LUSAS it is easy to create and view complicated geometries and subsequently introduce modifications if they are required. The range of joint elements makes it easy to model the diverse and complex connections between structural members, and the assignment of loading is very straightforward."

Gunnar Littbrand, Senior Structural Designer and Costin Pacoste, Technical Expert - Numerical Analysis, ELU Konsult

Intesa Sanpaolo Tower

  • Staged construction modelling and buckling analysis of steel transfer trusses for what will be one of the tallest buildings in Italy.

"Using LUSAS allowed us to understand how this tall building will behave as it's built and then clearly show that it will stand the test of time"

Andrew Weir, Associate Director, Expedition Engineering

Design of canopy structures for Miami Central Station

  • Design of various canopy structures and roof panel components for the Miami Airport Metrorail Station.

"We used LUSAS to model all components of the Miami Airport Metrorail Station structures that we were involved with. It allows easy importing of complex geometry models and lets us apply all code-required load combinations in a very straightforward way."

Dave Byers, Principal, Genesis Structures

Söderström Tunnel Connector

  • Detailed solid modelling and nonlinear contact analysis of a cable anchored concrete tunnel connector and the surrounding rock to prove the stability of the connector for all considered loading conditions

Load transfer mechanisms between the concrete tunnel and the rock were investigated to ascertain the magnitude of stresses and forces at the connection, in the anchorage cables, and in the rock itself due to permanent, variable and accidental loading to the immersed concrete tunnel.

A structural ribbon for the NASCAR Hall of Fame

  • Design of a structural wall system with a mobius-like canopy structure.
"We used LUSAS to perform a complete dynamic response analysis of the mobius structure and worked closely with the wind specialist for the project, RWDI Inc., to develop a complete set of structural design wind loading combinations including as drag and torsion, to completely assess the structural demands on the system."

Dave Byers, Principal, Genesis Structures

Analysis of barge gate and gate abutment structures

  • Optimization of steel plated flood defence gates in New Orleans to meet a tight design schedule

"LUSAS really shined on the modelling and analysis of these steel barge closure structures and as a result it helped us to meet the tight design schedule. The time taken to model these structures in LUSAS was noticeably reduced over that taken when we previously modelled similar structures with other analysis packages."

James Costello, Project Manager, INCA Engineers Inc.

Beam/column moment connection research

  • Research into alternative moment-resisting connection arrangements for use in multi-storey construction in moderate to high seismic zones
"The LUSAS analysis matched the experimental results very, very closely and was much better than I expected. Using LUSAS I could graph nearly any aspect of the results against any other aspect and create high-quality charts, contour plots, and animations not just for "eye candy" but as learning tools and to gain valuable insight into the structural behaviour."

Jon K. Lindsey, HNTB (Kansas City)

Design and analysis of above-ground full containment LNG storage tanks

  • Development of the world's largest above-ground LNG tank using static, dynamic, thermal and nonlinear analysis

"Using LUSAS allows us to continuously improve our analysis, research and development capability especially in nonlinear analysis. With LUSAS we can ensure that our range of LNG tank designs always meets the strict design requirements of our clients."

Hag-Goo Sung, Civil & Arch Dept Manager, KOGAS-Tech

Design of the Copenhagen Opera House roof

  • Static, dynamic and thermal assessment for in-service loadings on one of the largest canopy roof structures in the world.

"We used LUSAS finite element analysis as the main structural analysis tool for the design of the cantilevered roof and it assisted us greatly in the solving of the main design challenges involved."

Hans Exner, Senior Chief Engineer, Ramboll

Roof erection analysis of the Gwangmyeong velodrome

  • Roof erection analysis to check stress levels, establish erection tolerances and to ascertain jack down operational limits

"As a result of TGP carrying out the erection modelling with LUSAS, the site engineers had a great deal of confidence in the roof lifting operation and subsequent jack down procedure."

Chris Harper, Principal Engineer, Tony Gee and Partners

Spinnaker Tower

  • Static, dynamic and nonlinear analysis of a 170m high concrete, steel and composite viewing tower.

"We found the technical support provided by LUSAS on this project invaluable. The support team were quick and eager to help and furnished us with sound advice when approached."

Mokhtar El-Houry, Assistant Structural Engineer, Scott Wilson

Blast analysis of pre-cast wall panels on the MSP office building

  • Dynamic response analysis of pre-cast concrete wall panels and assessment of peak deformations under blast loading.

Slab design on the St George Wharf development

  • Analysis of irregular shaped floor slabs and use of the reinforced concrete slab design wizard.
"The main benefit of using LUSAS on this project is that it handles all the complicated flat slab geometry and holes, produces bar reinforcement contours, and enables us to design slabs almost impossible by hand."

Tim Dodd, Project Engineer, White Young Green

Slab and Column Design for Swindon General Hospital

  • Analysis of large rectangular in-situ concrete slabs for the Diagnostic Treatment Centre.


"LUSAS provided us with an extensive set of results which we could use for designing to the appropriate code of practice"

Alistair Mugford, Project Engineer, TPS Consult

Wooden Tower, Helsinki Zoo

  • Ultimate and serviceability limit state checks of a wooden tower for applied loadings

"We found the ability of LUSAS to import CAD files extremely useful. It saved us a great deal of time in re-creating the model in LUSAS."

Lauri Salokangas, Helsinki University

University College London Hospital

  • Global and local analysis of a jump formed, 22 storey, reinforced concrete core to assess stress distribution

"The results from LUSAS, which were presented with very clear graphics, enabled us to be completely confident that our assumptions on stress distribution and hence reinforcement design were correct."

John Wilson, Partner responsible at Clarke Nicholls Marcel

Design and analysis of Gota Tunnel

  • 3D modelling of large, complex box tunnel structure with customised scripting to automate the results processing operations
"...the main benefit in using LUSAS for this project was to be able to take into account the complex geometry of the structure and to get all of the results we required from the one model."

Mathias Uhlán, Skanska Teknik AB

Ferring International Centre

  • Optimisation of basement wall thicknesses for a 20 storey office building.
"By using LUSAS for the detailed analysis of the basement we could obtain a realistic understanding of structural deformations and optimise the wall thicknesses and the amount of reinforcement used."

Henrik Tinning, Moe & Brødsgaard

Staged Construction Analysis of a Concrete Shaft on the Dublin Port Tunnel Project
  • Staged construction modelling of the cutting of large diameter holes and assessment of wall stiffening options in a large diameter concrete shaft

Modelling the replacement of degraded concrete on the Terra Nitram prill tower

  • Global and local modelling of complex staged construction processes to model cutting-out and replacement of damaged concrete

"Adopting the 'birth and death' technique in the LUSAS analyses gave us a high degree of confidence that the structure would remain safe at all times. This was of prime importance as the plant had to remain operational thoroughout the duration of the repair contract."

Graham Anderson, Taylor Woodrow

"The Sentinel" - A commemorative Spitfire sculpture

  • Linear static, buckling and frequency analysis with calculation of stresses and optimisation of plate thicknesses

"LUSAS Civil & Structural allowed a safe design to be realised within very tight budget constraints...without an analysis package such as LUSAS, this project would probably not have been built with any degree of confidence."

Nick King, Project Engineer, Maunsell

Raising the roof of the Chunju (Jeonju) Sports Stadium

  • Global modelling of stadium roof structure and development of cable stay tensioning sequence

"In tensioning the cables on site we were always going to have a situation where the last cable to be tensioned would affect all the others, so we had to know what that effect was in advance - hence the use of LUSAS."

Simon Dimmock, Project Engineer, Tony Gee & Partners 

Yurakucho station canopy

  • Natural frequency and seismic response analysis of a cantilevered glass canopy.

"By using LUSAS Civil & Structural for this project we were able to determine with confidence the response of the structure to earthquake loading and to check the analysis for wind and dead loads against more conventional computer models and our preliminary hand analysis".

Tim Macfarlane, Partner, Dewhurst MacFarlane and Partners

The Olympic Cauldron

  • 3D static, dynamic & buckling analysis to calculate structural displacements for critical service connections
"Complex, sophisticated structures require a modelling and analysis tool such as LUSAS which can handle all the aspects of structural design, without burdening the designer with a further complexity of tool itself."

Zlatko Gashi, Project Engineer, Tierney and Partners

Dynamic analysis of grandstands

  • Eigenvalue and dynamic analysis for wind and crowd loading


Load capacity assessment of steel masts for the Millennium Dome

  • Nonlinear analyses to verify the load capacity of masts used to support the roof structure of the Millennium Dome.

Quantum Cloud" - a sculpture by Antony Gormley

  • Linear and nonlinear analysis of an organically grown sculpture

"Quantum Cloud is a project that can only be realised with digital design systems and I am very fortunate to have collaborated with energetic and ground-breaking engineers.  The result, a combination of art and technology, will be a monument to the future, expressing the potential of the human being at the end of the twentieth century."

Antony Gormley

Slab reinforcement design

  • Optimisation of slab thicknesses and calculation of reinforcement quantities using Wood Armer moments for Milton Keynes Theatre and the Faculty of Divinity at the Univweristy of Cambridge.

"Hand calculations for this type of work are not straightforward. By using the Wood Armer facilities in LUSAS it is easy to view critical and non-critical areas of slabs and provide a far more accurate reinforcement arrangement."

Henry Woodlock, Whitby Bird

Devonport Royal Dockyard

  • Nonlinear dynamic analysis of a variety of major concrete structures as part of the multi-million pound modernisation programme of nuclear submarine refit facilities at Devonport Royal Dockyard.

Nonlinear contact joint elements were used to model the lift-off and frictional sliding at the foundation, stop-block and shear-key interfaces. Additional joint elements were used to provide hydrodynamic mass and damping actions on the walls and base-interface.

UK's largest clinker store

  • Geometric nonlinear analysis of a 120000 tonne capacity thin-walled post tensioned clinker store, which at the time of its construction was the largest in the United Kingdom.

"The details given on foundation movement and stresses at tendon jacking points were of particular use to us in proving the design. LUSAS helped us to save design time and allowed us to produce a more efficient reinforcement arrangement due to the Clark-Nielsen contour plots produced for each loadcase."

Phil Benson, Oscar Faber

'Muela Dam, Lesotho

  • Stress and thermal analysis of major concrete dam

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