LNG Tank Analysis and Design System

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LNG tank design checks

Use a suitable base model and define wall, slab, roof reinforcement and prestress tendon arrangements to enable design checks to be carried out.

The design base model makes use of the innovative LUSAS multiple analysis facility and includes base, thermal, seismic, staged construction, creep / shrinkage and eigenvalues analyses all in one model, comprising 95 loadcases in total for each design model. Additional loadings and construction sequences can be user-defined.

If desired, view analysis results in isolation.

Define design load combinations.

Define the design code parameters; EN1992 and ACI 318-14 are currently supported.

Select appropriate results components and view results

Output force / moment results and view PM charts for selected locations

Carry out design checks for the RC slab and wall. Perform ULS checks for stress, moments and axial stress, and reinforcement design. Carry out SLS checks for crack widths and utilisation.

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