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Obtaining LUSAS technical support - how to contact us

Technical support is available from the LUSAS distributor that serves your country or region. It is provided free to those clients with a current support and maintenance agreement.

Before contacting the UK technical support team:

  1. Check the LUSAS User Area which may provide the help you require.
  2. Read "Contacting LUSAS technical support - what you need to know" for details of what you need to provide and the type of support services that are provided.
  3. Email your local LUSAS Distributor to get advice and assistance. Some of our distributors have their own websites which we would encourage you to visit.

Obtaining support

  • For the UK and non-distributor supported countries, you can email the support team on, or call the telephone helpline (+44 (0)20 3325 0440) between 9.15 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday to Friday, UK local time.
  • For the USA only, you can email the support team on, or call toll free 1-800 97 LUSAS (1-800 97 58727). Calls and emails will be responded to up until 17.00 EST Monday to Friday.

Any queries sent directly to the support team from a country with local distributor support will be redirected automatically to that local distributor as a high priority.

Meet key members of our support team

Our support team provides our users with a first class technical support service and is regularly praised and stated by its users to be "the best in the business."

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