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License key queries

When you install the LUSAS software, the set-up program will ask for a licence details for your standalone license or your Network (floating) license.  A license code text file will need to be installed at this point.  If you have not received your license code text file, please contact  This file is provided with instructions depeneding on the type of license.  For further guidance please refer to the Installation Guide.

Christmas and New Year: Please note that most of our staff are on holiday over the Christmas period. See our home page for details.

If you are trying to install and set up a license for V14.1 or earlier, including V13, please click here.

License key-related error messages

***ERROR*** No appropriate valid licenses found in file C:\LUSAS150\\fea.key - Consult your local distributor
LUSAS Limited Version in Operation
No valid licences are available to LUSAS on this machine, licences may be added or made available to LUSAS via the configuration utility.
Number of nodes ### exceeds evaluation limit of 500
Number of elements ### exceeds evaluation limit of 250
Number of loadcases ### exceeds evaluation limit of 10
Number of points ### exceeds evaluation limit of 100
[SENTINELLM,"HOSTNAME",#KeyID#]: Error[3]: Failed to resolve the server host "HOSTNAME". . .
[SENTINELLM,"HOSTNAME",#KeyID#]: Error[5]: Cannot talk to the license server on host "HOSTNAME". Server not running??
Sentinel RMS Development Kit: Error [17]: probably no servers are running on this subnet

Error(s) occurred on validating Modeller key: [SENTINELLM,STANDALONE,#KeyID#]
 - The USB key is not present in USB port (for feature "LusasM_####")
 - A licence matching the feature "LusasM_
#KeyID#" could not be found on server "no-net"

Error(s) occurred on validating Modeller key: [SENTINELLM,"HOSTNAME",#KeyID#]
 - Server "HOSTNAME" could not be found, for feature "LusasM_#KeyID#". The network may be unavailable"
 - A licence matching the feature "LusasM_#KeyID#" could not be found on server "HOSTNAME"
 - Key expired
 - Licence feature "LusasM_#KeyID#" has expired
 - Licence is for a different product
 - Incorrect product

Sentinel errors when uploading a licence key

 - The specified server could not be found or the network is for some reason unavailable.

To solve problems concerned with a network (floating) license key please refer to the network errors checklist.

To solve problems concerned with a standalone license key please refer to the standalone errors checklist.

For problems related to V14.1 and earlier versions of LUSAS, including V13, please click here.

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Any modelling, design and analysis capabilities described are dependent upon the LUSAS software product, version and option in use.