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LUSAS User Area

The LUSAS User Area seeks to provide answers to the most frequent queries that are received by the LUSAS technical support team. It also contains a host of useful information to assist clients with their use of LUSAS and includes a knowledge base of known and fixed software issues, details of current and past software releases and links to the latest software downloads.

The LUSAS User Area is for current LUSAS clients only and is username and password protected. The named LUSAS contact(s) within your company or organisation should be able to provide you with the Username and Password required.

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If you need the username and password:

Please provide the information stated in the form below.

All requested information must be entered:

Email Address*


(from the LUSAS main menu select Help > About LUSAS Modeller > Key Information)
For users of LUSAS versions greater than V14.2: 
Your License Number (KeyID)


For users of LUSAS versions less than V14.2: 
Your Client/Key Number

* Please ensure that your email address is entered correctly otherwise we will not be able to contact you with the required details.

  • Your organisation's details will be checked before supplying you with the Username and Password required.

  • If you do not receive your username and password within one working day please contact listing the information required as shown above.

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