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Sales, Support and Maintenance increases for 2022

Due to ongoing market conditions and in line with the current UK rate of inflation (up 4.2% for 12 months to October 2021 - UK Government website), LUSAS will be implementing a 3% inflationary increase on list prices across all its products and for all customers - both new and existing - from January 1st 2022. We are therefore keeping renewals level in real value terms. Any pricing quotations given before this date will be honoured, providing the expiration date on the quotation itself has not been reached.

We have tried to minimise the impact that rising costs have had on our business; as such, this is the first price increase in the last 3 years that LUSAS has brought in across all products/regions. By increasing now, this maintains our continued ability to both deliver the developments to features/functionality our customers really want to see; as well as to ensure best-in-class support levels are maintained globally. You can read more about recent requested developments by visiting our microsite.

We have decided to publish this increase because one of our key principles is transparency. In doing so, customers can continue to benefit from using our software whilst making fully informed decisions - allowing them to plan for their own needs and requirements.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding this, please don't hesitate to contact your assigned Account Manager; or alternatively contact us at

We look forward to our continued strong relationship with our customer base; and equally to welcoming new customers on board in 2022.

The LUSAS Senior Management Team.

23 December 2021

COVID-19: LUSAS is providing the same high level of service in sales, customer support, consultancy and product development at this time. Our software products can be used remotely so please contact us to learn more about how we can help.

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