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Selected Bridge Engineering projects

Client confidentiality prevents some projects from being identified fully.

Assessment of dynamic effects of high speed trains on underbridges, including development of novel special purpose software for efficient numerical analysis.


Staged construction analysis of an RC box girder bridge.

Stability analysis of a road bridge to demonstrate adequacy, which could not be shown with traditional methods.

Dynamic response analysis of a long span steel bridge.


Dynamic response assessment of Royal Victoria Dock footbridge, London Docklands.


Buckling analysis of 19th century bridge beams to demonstrate capacity for 44T vehicle loads.

Dynamic stability analysis of a slender plate girder bridge with a span of over 140 metres

Assessment of viaduct structures on a major high speed railway.

High speed train resonance study for a 6 span masonry arch structure.

Seismic response analysis of a major bridge crossing. (Viaducts, 420m span cable stayed bridge and substructure)


Post-failure rolling path tooth analysis for a retractable bridge.

Buckling assessment of a plated lattice girder bridge structure

Plate girder buckling assessments

Seismic design checking to Eurocode EC8.


Category 3 check of a steel tubular footbridge

Cable stayed airport link bridge

Stainless steel plate box girder footbridge

Seismic design check of a viscous damped road bridge to EC8

Collapse analysis of fabricated steel 'trestle' bridge bearings

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