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Selected Mechanical Engineering projects

Client confidentiality prevents some projects from being identified fully.


Detailed 3D stress analysis of a solid carbon composite experimental landing gear strut.

Fatigue analysis of a Eurofighter engine mid-stage bleed pipe flanges.

Stress analysis of a novel one-piece propeller hub.

Vibration fatigue analysis of engine bay fire detection/supression modules

Vibration response and fatigue analysis of aircraft fire control equipment.


Vibration analysis of vehicle exhaust systems

Vibration and fatigue analysis of truck turbocharger blade

Structural optimisation of racing car safety cage

Structural analysis of armoured vehicle hull.

Thermal design optimisation and analysis of pistons

Detailed stress analysis of precision bearing components.


Dynamic analysis of concept design for pilot centrifuge

Stress analysis and fatigue assessment of a lightweight gun carriage

Nonlinear shock response analysis of submarine electronics cabinet


3D shell and solid analysis of large hydraulic mine support structures and associated ancillary equipment.

Geotechnical analysis of bauxite mine

Petro Chemical / Process Engineering

Vibration analysis of mountings for centrifugal oil/water separation plant

Blast analysis of corrugated panels

Deflection analysis of internal structure of gas distillation plant

Seismic qualification of safety critical pumps for LNG installation.

Power Generation

Fatigue analysis of hydro-penstocks, Indonesia

Stress analysis of low-pressure steam turbine blade

3D transient thermal stress analysis of steam headers

Stress analysis of high integrity gearcase for nuclear application.

Transient thermal analysis of calorimeter for high power laser facility.

Impeller casting pre-CAD complex geometry modelling

Product Design

Design of an innovative rubber cable tie

Stress analysis and detailed design of escalator components to provide optimum fatigue life

Nonlinear contact stress study of an escalator main drive shaft including all aspects of shaft, including bolted connections, bearing housings and step chain teeth.

Structural optimisation of plastic bottles for high volume production.

3D solid stress analysis of plastic small anvil secateurs

Structural analysis of office chair tilt mechanism

Detailed nonlinear structural analysis of pharmaceutical drug delivery system components.

Thermo-mechanical analysis of various brazed ceramic components


3D stress analysis and fatigue assessment of railway bogies

Ultimate strength analysis of secondary coupling

Vibration analysis of a rail lubrication mounting arm

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