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Selected Composites Projects

Client confidentiality prevents some projects from being identified fully.

Laminated composite analysis of a wingsail yacht mast


Stress analysis of GRP water storage tank

Optimization of solid carbon composite aerospace component

Impact damage assessment of composite laminates using detailed numerical simulation

GRP tank composite shell modelling

Explicit dynamic analysis of a composite baseball bat and impacting ball

Detailed 3D stress analysis of solid carbon composite experimental landing gear strut

Accurate prediction of the distortion of laminated composite parts during manufacture by using LUSAS HPM software.


LUSAS High Precision Moulding (HPM)

To accurately predict the distortion of laminated composite parts during manufacture and provide reverse engineered surfaces to create "right first time" tooling LUSAS offers a consultancy service using its specialist LUSAS High Precision Moulding (HPM) software product. 

By using this service considerable savings can be made in time to market, manufacturing time and costs are less, assembly stresses are lowered, and the time-consuming fitting of any shims is eliminated.

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