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Selected Civil and Structural Engineering projects

Client confidentiality prevents some projects from being identified fully.

Erection engineering analysis of a replacement roof for the London Olympic Stadium


Wind and crowd loading assessments for stadiums and grandstands

Nonlinear analysis of cable stayed telecommunications masts and other tension structures

Nonlinear soil structure interaction (SSI) analysis of incremental backfill and surcharge on flexible culvert

Category 3 check of the design of the main towers of an urban cable car system


Offshore turbine modelling

Structural analysis of floating reinforced concrete troughs forming approach structures for a tunnel, Ireland

Dock caissons, South Korea

Rapid development of novel, advanced, integrated CAE methods for design, structural analysis, manufacture and construction of the "Quantum Cloud" sculpture


Analysis of slipformed reinforced concrete slot drains for airport use

Stress analysis of stainless steel castings for a major German institution

Cable/fabric tower analysis

Nonlinear dynamic soil-structure interaction analysis of dock walls and associated structures to demonstrate nuclear safety under extreme seismic loading.


Seismic analysis of penstock gates for nuclear installation

Dynamic SSI analysis of foundations for pilot centrifuge

Dynamic response assessment of foundations and support frames for rotating machinery

Structural analysis of water/sewage treatment tanks, including SSI effects

Natural frequency and seismic response analysis of a cantilevered glass canopy.


Modelling and analysis of both local and global behaviour of architectural glazing systems including glass facade connection detail analysis on a major UK museum

Stress and fatigue analysis of penstock support for hydro power installation

Nonlinear structural and Soil Structure Interaction (SSI) analysis of 55m diameter RC clinker store


Analysis of large LNG storage vessels.

Clinker store, homogenising silo and kiln foundations for a cement works, Nigeria.

Static, wind and dynamic assessment for a cooling tower, Turkey.

LNG concrete containment tank analyses including thermal, spillage, 2D static, 3D static and bottom-corner inner-tank with nonlinear contact.

Static, thermal and stress analysis of Muela Dam, Lesotho


Large scale 3D analysis of reinforced concrete water retaining structures under seismic loading. Full lift-off, sliding and SSI effects considered

Seismic analysis of a compacted mass concrete dam, Jordan

Cross passage for an Irish road tunnel

Staged construction modelling of a SMART tunnel

Core wall analysis for University College London Hospital


Contact analysis of a pinned jointed steel supporting tube for a 54 floor residential building, Sweden

Slab and wall analysis for a major science centre

Slab and wall analysis for an underground swimming pool

Seismic response analysis of multi-storey buildings

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