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Software Specification

LUSAS Civil & Structural plus

An extended structural analysis system which includes all of the elements, material models, modelling, analysis and results processing capabilities of LUSAS Civil & Structural and has additional advanced elements allowing increased analysis capabilities.

Analysis capabilities

  • Linear static stress analysis
  • Linear buckling
  • Natural frequency analysis
  • Linear dynamics including forced response
  • Interactive Model Dynamics
  • Fatigue analysis
  • Linear cable tuning analysis
  • Fast Solving capability*
  • Steel frame design*
  • Advanced Interactive Modal Dynamics*
  • Nonlinear analysis *
  • Dynamic analysis *
  • Thermal / Field analysis *
  • Heat of hydration analysis *
  • Geotechnical / Soil-structure interaction analysis*

* when used with the appropriate LUSAS Civil & Structural plus software option(s)


And in addition:

  • An extended advanced high-performance element library


  • Curved bars
  • Curved thick + thin beams (including curved cable capability)
  • Curved thin semiloof shells
  • Curved thick + thin shells
  • Curved solids (high order)
  • Axisymmetric solid continuum with non-axisymmetric loading
  • Specialised material models including:
  • CEB-FIP Model code 1990
  • Concrete creep Chinese code
  • User-defined models and others
  • Fast Iterative Solver Technology
  • Fast iterative solver
  • Attributes
  • Specialised materials
  • Slideline contact modelling
  • Birth and death facility for staged construction analysis
  • Age facility
  • Utilities
  • Variation of loading using load curves
  • Fourier analysis

LUSAS Civil & Structural plus options

The finite element analysis capabilities of LUSAS Civil & Structural plus can be extended by purchasing and using any of the following product options:-

Fast Multifrontal Solvers

  • Fast Multifrontal Direct Solver
  • Fast Multifrontal Block Lanczos Eigensolver

Steel Design

  • Design code based results visualised as Utilisation ratios on members
  • Design summary results produced for selected members and loadcases
  • Generate formatted design reports, showing calculations made and referencing clauses and equations from chosen code.

IMD Plus Analysis

  • Multiple event assessment
  • Linear dynamics effects

Nonlinear Analysis

  • Large displacement, large rotation and large strain geometric nonlinearities
  • Material nonlinearity including plasticity, concrete, damage, volumetric, geotechnical, rubber, creep, temperature dependent, and user supplied models
  • Incremental, iterative (MNR or NR), line search and arc length solution procedures
  • Follower forces
  • Slideline/slidesurface contact algorithms

Dynamic Analysis

  • Spectral and forced response
  • Modal or Rayleigh damping
  • Transient dynamics
  • Automatic time step selection
  • Nonlinear dynamics
  • Time dependent materials and loading

Thermal / Field Analysis

  • Steady state and transient
  • Linear, nonlinear and field dependent material models
  • Automatic time steps
  • Link, line, plane, axisymmetric and solid field elements

Heat of Hydration Analysis

  • Models the heat of hydration of concrete for a variety of cement types. 
  • Includes effects due to the addition of fly ash and ground granulated blast furnace slag

LUSAS Civil & Structural plus product options

The finite element analysis capabilities of LUSAS Civil & Structural plus can be extended by purchasing the following software product:

LUSAS Bridge plus

  • Bridge engineering analysis software with for linear static, fundamental frequency, seismic, dynamic, large deflection, staged construction, creep, prestress, post tensioning and fatigue analysis, rail track - structure interaction, and steel / composite deck design.

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