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Composite Bridge Deck Design

The Composite Bridge Deck Design software option carries out comprehensive calculations on design members for steel or steel/composite bridge decks to supported codes, allowing otherwise time-consuming and error-prone manual design calculations to be carried out efficiently.

  • Provides full details of the calculations made, referencing all relevant clauses and equations from the design code. Full details of design checks undertaken can also be written to a model report.

  • Allows for the complexity of the analysis model to be increased without changing the design data, and also allows evaluation of a design change, without having to change or solve the analysis model each time.

  • For use with 2D Grillage/Plate and 3D element model types. When used with LUSAS Bridge LT, only 3D beam and 2D grillage models are permitted.

The following design codes are currently supported:

  • AASHTO LRFD 8th Edition (2017) - AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications, 8th Edition, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, 2017.
  • AASHTO LRFD 9th Edition (2020) - AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications, 9th Edition, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, 2020.
  • CSA S6:19 and CSA S6-14 - Canadian Highway Bridge Design Codes.

For steel and composite deck design to Eurocodes see Software Option - Steel and Composite Deck Designer (PontiEC4).

Design members

Use the Steel Composite Bridge Wizard to automatically create the required Composite Bridge Deck Design members when bridge design materials are additionally specified for all I-girders. Add details for transverse stiffener design also.

Define additional design details for each design member using a tabbed dialog. Span lengths, segments (a portion of a span defined by a constant or tapered section), bracing locations, web stiffeners, shear connectors and locations at which design checks will be made, can all be specified.

Composite Bridge Deck Design member dialog

Design calculations and results output

Construction phases supported:

  • Phase 1 Self weight
  • Phase 2a Permanent loads
  • Phase 2b Concrete Shrinkage
  • Phase 3a Thermal actions
  • Phase 3 b Traffic loads

AASHTO 8th Edition clauses supported:

  • Flange stresses
  • 6.10.2 Cross-section proportion limits
  • 6.10.3 Constructability
  • Flexure
  • Shear
  • 6.10.4 Service
  • Permanent Deformations
  • 6.10.5 Fatigue and Flexure
  • Fatigue (Shear connectors and web stiffener/flange connections)
  • Special Fatigue for Webs
  • 6.10.6 Strength
  • Flexure
  • Shear
  • 6.10.7 Positive Flexure
  • 6.10.8 Negative Flexure or Appendix A6 as applicable
  • Transverse Stiffeners
  • Bearing Stiffeners

Summary results

Display design check results in a summary format that references the checks carried out and the values obtained. Click on separate tabs to show full results for each check. Design checks are colour coded green to indicate a pass, and red to indicate a failure. Each result cell provides a context menu to allow further investigation of a design check value.

Summary design check results

Check explorer

Drill-down into the outline results to examine the various parts of the design check. Each check clicked displays more detail in the adjacent panel.

Design check explorer

Detailed calculations

View detailed calculations to see the full details of the design checks carried out for a selected design value.

  • Display analysis data such as section dimensions and section materials, and forces, properties and stresses used in the various phases of design, to allow checking of such details.
  • Click on a clause reference and utilisation value to view detailed calculations for that check and result. 

Detailed design calculations - analysis and design check results

Other capabilities

  • View section stress profiles for the various load phases and section properties used in the design check. 
  • Edit section dimensions and see the design check calculations re-evaluated instantly based on the new section data using the previously solved results from the model. This provides the ability to make what-if design changes to try and ensure a valid design before re-visiting and updating the bridge model. 

Section stress profile and composite section editing dialogs


Print or add analysis data and rendered design checks to a model report. Each time the model report is generated, the member report data will be updated to match the current state of the model.


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For Composite Deck Design to Eurocodes use the Steel and Composite Deck Designer (PontiEC4) option.


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