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Revit 'Export to LUSAS' plugin

  • Available from the Autodesk App Store, the LUSAS-authored 'Export to LUSAS' plugin allows for a Revit analytical model to be exported to LUSAS for finite element analysis and optionally design checks to international codes of practice.
  • Autodesk Revit "analytical elements" are converted to appropriate LUSAS features and finite elements, along with cross-sections, material attributes, loads and supports.
  • The new plugin is free to download and install to your Revit "Add-ins" ribbon.
  • Revit models exported using the plugin can be opened by any LUSAS user with the relevant licence. If the Revit user doesn't have LUSAS installed or an appropriate licence available, a file can be created by the plugin and passed to a LUSAS user who does.

LUSAS Software option: Revit Import

  • To import data produced by the Revit 'Export ot LUSAS' plugin requires a LUSAS licence key that includes the 'Revit Import' option.

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Grasshopper / Geometry Gym

  • Partnering with Geometry Gym, LUSAS “components” can be accessed from Grasshopper (a visual programming language and environment which runs within Rhino) 
  • Transfer the most sophisticated Rhino line and surface geometries reliably from Grasshopper to LUSAS. Interact directly with Grasshopper parametric models, make parametric changes and recreate LUSAS models quickly. A “bake to LUSAS” function is available. Click here for more information.
  • The initial release of this plug-in version is free for a limited time.

We look forward to hearing how it helps your workflow, and what further developments you require. 

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  • Users of Allplan Bridge 2023 can synchronize analytical models over the Allplan Cloud (via Bimplus) with LUSAS finite element analysis software. The initial release of this connection supports concrete box girder bridges, with or without pre-stressed tendons, with more bridge types to be supported in the future. Via the Allplan Cloud, analytically relevant entities from Allplan Bridge can be transferred to various structural analysis solutions for further processing, providing users with more flexibility to utilize external analysis software of their choosing.
  • A verification example enables users to fully demonstrate and verify the calculation methods used in Allplan Bridge for reinforcement design and code-checking. A simply supported single-span pedestrian bridge designed as a prestressed concrete girder with a single solid T-shaped section with haunches is used to help users to fully understand the inputs and the results provided

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BIM level 2 compliance

  • Bring model data from different disciplines together in a federated model for comparison and clash detection and deliver your projects to the BIM level expected by your client. 
  • LUSAS helps you achieve Level 2 compliance by sharing design information through the IFC common file format. Reports can be produced in the compliant PDF format. Information in reports can be standardised through templating to include all required input and output data.
  • An IFC model created by LUSAS can hold geometry and attributes in the standard format and other LUSAS-specific information as ‘private’ data. Retaining the complete file structure ensures that all data can be passed to your client for its records.
  • LUSAS supports import and export of IFC files (up to IFC4). Export can be to the Structural or Architectural domain, ensuring that your project team can make the best of the shared information.

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