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Staged construction modelling

With LUSAS you can model the step-by-step construction or dismantling of your structure over time, and evaluate the effects of structural changes, load applications, and time-dependent material changes. Also with LUSAS, unlike some software, only one model file need be created and this can contain all of the information required to carry out an analysis of every stage of construction. The effects of geometric and material nonlinearity, and time-dependent material effects such as creep and shrinkage can all be included. 

A complete staged construction modelling process for a model is controlled in the Analyses panel of the LUSAS treeview. When modelling, groups of elements and their associated attributes can be activated and deactivated, with supports being carried forward between loadcases, introduced or removed to accurately represent each stage. 

Camber, displacement history, and incremental displacement results tables can also be produced for selected model locations and for any specified results loadcases.


  • Model full staged construction with beams, shells and solid elements (some software only permits beams to be used)
  • Full activation and deactivation of elements is supported
  • Model any support condition and add or remove supports as required during the construction sequence
  • Sliding bearings may be modelled using nonlinear contact (slidelines)
  • Support and loading facilities including temporary/traveller loads
  • Apply loads anywhere onto any model
  • Change loading/stress/strain over time and lock- in stresses, if applicable, between stages
  • Prescribed displacements or jacking loads may be used as spans are completed
  • Time-dependent material properties include stress related concrete creep and shrinkage to CEB-FIP Model Code 1990, (and others) and includes creep recovery
  • Custom time-dependent curves for particular material properties and codes
  • Use single or multi-tendon wizards to define and assign tendon properties and time-stages to features of a model.
  • Steel relaxation, time effect on elastic modulus, tendon post-tensioning losses from creep, shrinkage, and superimposed loads
  • Cumulative effects can be reported separately for each loadcase, such as post-tensioning effects, or for the effects of just creep and shrinkage
  • Incremental effects can also be specified allowing you to view and assess the net changes to the structure since the previous stage


Staged construction modelling of Intesa Sanpaolo Tower

Time Management

Use the time management facility to manage a simple construction schedule and easily adjust the duration of pre-defined construction stages in a staged construction analysis. Easily and automatically update the total response time values in nonlinear and transient controls that have been previously specified for each loadcase of a staged construction analysis.


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