Civil and Structural engineering

Software Specification

LUSAS Civil & Structural LT

A structural analysis system for linear static stress analysis of structural frames and grillages.

Analysis capabilities:

  • Linear static stress analysis

Improve solution speed and with this purchased option:

  • Fast solvers

And when used with these purchased LUSAS Civil & Structural software options also allows:

  • Steel frame design
  • RC frame design

See below for more details.


  • Basic element library
  • 2D Grillage
  • 2D and 3D Structural Bars
  • 2D and 3D Engineering Thick beams
  • Material models
  • Isotropic materials
  • Integrated Windows user interface for Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • Single model and results viewing window
  • Supplied startup templates
  • User-defined start-up templates
  • Working and page layout modes
  • Dynamic model rotation, pan, zoom and isometric viewing


  • Point and line geometry creation facilities
  • Point and line measurement facilities
  • Group facility
  • Associative geometry / assigned attributes
  • Multi-level undo / redo


  • Line mesh creation
  • Standard steel section libraries for selected countries
  • User-defined line geometric properties
  • Tapered beam sections
  • Fleshing of members
  • Isotropic material libraries
  • User-defined isotropic materials
  • Structural supports including free, fixed and spring
  • Structural loadings including concentrated, body force, global and local distributed, temperature, internal beam point and distributed loading, prescribed displacement loading, discrete point and patch loading
  • Local coordinate facility


  • Annotation facility
  • Drag and drop assignment of attributes
  • Transformation facilities including translate, mirror, scale, rotate etc
  • Loadcase creation
  • Results envelopes
  • Basic and Smart load combinations
  • Graph wizard with automatic updating
  • Animation of deformed shape
  • Print Results Wizard
  • Section library management
  • Standard section property calculator
  • One-click report facility
  • Report generation with automatic updating
  • Saved views
  • Fast solving capability

Civil & Structural specific features

  • None in this version

Result viewing

  • Viewing of results for all or selected parts of model
  • Deformed mesh plots

  • Contours of displacements, moments or forces using line contours or colour fill on fleshed or unfleshed members

  • Bending moment and force diagrams for beam elements with optional peak values displayed

  • Beam stresses at beam fibre locations

  • Peak results value display

  • Stress vector plots

  • Graph plotting with export to standard spreadsheet packages
  • Animate deformed shape
  • Results window summaries
  • Copy and paste of results plots to other applications
  • Printing and plotting of results for all or selected parts of model

LUSAS Civil & Structural LT software options

Available for purchase to Improve solution speed:

Fast Solvers

  • Fast Multifrontal Direct Solver
  • Fast Multifrontal Block Lanczos Eigensolver
  • Complex Eigensolver
  • Fast Parallel Direct Solver
  • Fast Parallel Iterative Solver

Available for purchase to increase the analysis and design capabilities of LUSAS Civil & Structural LT:

Steel Frame Design

  • Design code-based results visualised as Utilisation ratios on members
  • Design summary results produced for selected members and loadcases
  • Generate formatted design reports, showing calculations made and referencing clauses and equations from chosen code.

RC Frame Design

  • Design checking of regular and arbitrary shaped reinforced concrete members subject to bending and axial force.
  • Design code-based results visualised as Utilisation ratios on members
  • Produce a tabular summary of results for selected members and loadcases, view detailed results and generate interation diagrams.

LUSAS Civil & Structural LT upgrade options

  • LUSAS Civil & Structural - for linear static stress analysis, linear buckling, natural frequency analysis, linear dynamics including forced response, Interactive Modal Dynamics, and fatigue analysis.
  • LUSAS Civil & Structural plus - for nonlinear, dynamic and field/thermal analysis problems

LUSAS Civil & Structural specification

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