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LUSAS software is highly customisable. The LUSAS Programmable Interface (LPI) provides the means to customise modelling and results processing tasks to your specific requirements and provides the opportunity for you to carry out structural optimisation and simple checks to particular design codes.

LUSAS Programable Interface (LPI)

The LPI is a powerful tool for customising and automating LUSAS operations. By using VBScript (or any ActiveX compliant scripting language, such as Jscript, Perl, Python, C++, C# etc. ) to access LUSAS facilities and functionality, you can:

  • Create user-defined menu items, dialogs and toolbars
  • Interrogate all aspects of a LUSAS model
  • Customise modelling operations
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Import CAD geometry and properties
  • Create parameterised models
  • Make direct links to Word and Excel for import and export of data.
  • Calculate reinforcement quantities
  • Perform simple / codified design checks
  • When used with automated iterative analysis, optimise structural member sizes and configurations

A macro recording facility in LUSAS generates VB scripts for customising. A dialog editor is provided. The use of Visual Basic Runtime means that any VB script can be run in LUSAS.

Advanced scripting users can automate the creation of whole bridge spans for beam and slab decks incorporating prestress, design checks and output reports in MS Word.

Case study

LUSAS VB scripting assisted in the model building and analysis of seismic resistant viaduct structures and station guideways for Contract C270 on the Taiwan High Speed Rail Project. For this project a 38km long viaduct required the creation of 70 separate models.

Typical automatically generated multi-span viaduct model

  • A Visual Basic Script read geometric data, such as column dimensions, span lengths etc from an Excel database and built 3D beam models automatically in LUSAS for global seismic analysis and track-structure interaction assessement. 
  • Models were created quicker and with more confidence than by manual methods. 
  • Subsequent response spectrum analysis with LUSAS determined forces in columns; a track-structure interaction analysis derived relative movements and stresses within the rails under earthquake loading; and a nonlinear soil-structure analysis determined stresses in piles and pilecaps - all resulting in an economical design within a demanding project time-scale.

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