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Software Specification


A bridge analysis system for linear static stress analysis of structural frames and grillages.

Analysis capabilities:

  • Linear static stress analysis

Improve speed and efficiency with these purchased options:

  • Fast solvers
  • Traffic load optimisation

And when used with these purchased software options also allows:

  • Steel frame design
  • RC frame design
  • Steel and composite deck design

See below for more details.


Basic element library
  • 2D Grillage
  • 2D and 3D Structural Bars
  • 2D and 3D Engineering Thick beams
Material models
  • Isotropic materials
Integrated Windows user interface for Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • Single model and results viewing window
  • Supplied startup templates
  • User-defined start-up templates
  • Working and page layout modes
  • Dynamic model rotation, pan, zoom and isometric viewing


  • Point and line geometry creation facilities
  • Point and line measurement facilities
  • Group facility
  • Associative geometry / assigned attributes
  • Multi-level undo / redo


  • Line mesh creation
  • Standard steel section libraries for selected countries
  • User-defined line geometric properties
  • Tapered beam sections
  • Fleshing of members
  • Isotropic material libraries
  • User-defined isotropic materials
  • Structural supports including free, fixed and spring
  • Structural loadings including concentrated, body force, global and local distributed, temperature, internal beam point and distributed loading, prescribed displacement loading, discrete point and patch loading
  • Local coordinate facility


  • Annotation facility
  • Drag and drop assignment of attributes
  • Transformation facilities including translate, mirror, scale, rotate etc
  • Loadcase creation
  • Results envelopes
  • Basic and Smart load combinations
  • Graph wizard with auto-updating of graphs
  • Animation of deformed shape
  • Print Results Wizard
  • Section library management
  • Standard section property calculator
  • One-click reports for selected features
  • Report generator with auto-updating of reports
  • Saved views
  • Fast solving capability

Bridge specific features

  • Grillage wizard
  • Static vehicle, lane, and knife edge loading for selected country codes
  • Moving load generator
  • Vehicle and train (rail) load optimisation

Result viewing

  • Viewing of results for all or selected parts of model
  • Deformed mesh plots
  • Contours of displacements, moments or forces using line contours or colour fill on fleshed or unfleshed members
  • Bending moment and force diagrams for beam elements with optional peak values displayed
  • Beam stresses at beam fibre locations
  • Peak results value display
  • Stress vector plots
  • Graph plotting with export to standard spreadsheet packages
  • Animate deformed shape
  • Results window summaries
  • Copy and paste of results plots to other applications
  • Printing and plotting of results for all or selected parts of model
Software Compatibility
  • Model and results files created by LUSAS Bridge LT can be read by other LUSAS Bridge software products. 
  • Model and results files created by LUSAS Bridge and LUSAS Bridge plus versions can be opened for editing or viewing in LUSAS LT provided the model contains only those elements and analysis options supported by the LT version.

LUSAS Bridge LT software options

Available for purchase to improve speed and efficiency:

Fast Multifrontal Solvers

  • Fast Multifrontal Direct Solver
  • Fast Multifrontal Block Lanczos Eigensolver
  • Complex Eigensolver
  • Fast Parallel Direct Solver
  • Fast Parallel Iterative Solver

Vehicle Load Optimisation

  • Rapidly reduces load assessment times
  • Extends vehicle loading capabilities of LUSAS Bridge
  • Identifies critical vehicle and train (rail) loading patterns for a selected design code

Available for purchase to increase the analysis and design capabilities of LUSAS Bridge LT:

Steel Frame Design

  • Design code-based results visualised as Utilisation ratios on members
  • Design summary results produced for selected members and loadcases
  • Generate formatted design reports, showing calculations made and referencing clauses and equations from chosen code

RC Frame Design

  • Design checking of regular and arbitrary shaped reinforced concrete members subject to bending and axial force
  • Design code-based results visualised as Utilisation ratios on members
  • Produce a tabular summary of results for selected members and loadcases, view detailed results and generate interation diagrams

Steel and Composite Deck Designer

  • Carries out design checks for multiple sections on steel/composite bridge decks to the Eurocodes

LUSAS Bridge LT upgrade options

  • LUSAS Bridge - for linear static stress analysis, linear buckling, natural frequency analysis, linear dynamics including forced response, Interactive Modal Dynamics, and fatigue analysis.
  • LUSAS Bridge plus - for nonlinear, dynamic and thermal/field analysis problems

LUSAS Bridge specification

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Software Information

  Bridge / Bridge plus
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Software overview
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Modelling in general
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Advanced elements, materials and solvers
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Load types and combinations
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Staged construction modelling
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Geotechnical / Soil-structure modelling
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Analysis and design
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Design code facilities
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Viewing results
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Software customisation

  Bridge LT
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Software overview

  Choosing software
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Software products
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) LUSAS Bridge LT
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) LUSAS Bridge
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green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Software selection
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Software options

green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Videos
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Case studies

  Application areas
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Footbridge design
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Movable structures
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Rail solutions
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Arch bridges
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Major crossings
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Soil-Structure Interaction Modelling

  Additional information
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Linear and nonlinear buckling analysis
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Curved girder analysis
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Integral or jointless bridges
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Post-tensioning
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Concrete modelling
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Interactive Modal Dynamics
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) LUSAS Programmable Interface (LPI)

  General information
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Hardware specification
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Licencing and Networking options
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Software prices
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Documentation
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